Recycle the old into something new necklaces!

You guys will understand this…I have been trying to downsize and not purchase a lot of things…use up what I have…but to use up what I have, I almost always have to buy or get something else! It is an endless cycle, it seems!

Anyway, I ended up buying some new beads to make some wearable jewelry to go with some of my new clothes (I lost weight!). I used pieces in my stash and deconstructed old pieces to make the new pieces. I am NOT a jewelry maker, so they are crude and I winged everything from the fasteners to using the proper tools. Hey, no one is going to be close enough to see the mistakes, right?

This is actual three separate necklaces of different lengths…silly me used magnetic closures and when worn together, the repel each other and the piece hangs a bit wonky! lol

The evil eye was free when I bought some Turkish beach towels. I had the beads and just bought the tassel.

This is my favorite. Got to use up a lot of my beads and just bought the Buddha head because it was on sale. It is longer than shown and can be worn with most of my new clothing since it is neutral.

Thanks for looking!


Oh I love these! I think the first is my favorite. I love the three lengths and the center focal pieces. These are all so you…congrats on upgrading your jewelry to go with the upgraded you! :blush:

PS - My mom had a hip replacement several years ago…she still refers to herself as the bionic woman. :roll_eyes:

Thanks! I think it is incredible that science and medicine are able to replace the worn out parts to make life more enjoyable and livable! I often think of what people went through when their backs gave out or they couldn’t walk or had bad teeth, etc. I now have a new hip, several new teeth, new eye lenses, and a repaired knee, so yeah, I am a bionic woman as well! lol


I love them all!

What a great way to mix the old with the new! All three of these look great!


These are so cool, and congrats on the weight loss!


Way to turn old bits into something new you’ll love to wear!

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I really like the blue one with the evil eye and tassel, but they are all great, even though you say you’re not a jewellery maker.

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These look great, I’m hard pressed to pick a favourite


Congratulations! This amazing jewelry reimagining is a FEATURED PROJECT!


What do you mean, “not a jewelry maker??” That looks like awesome jewelry to me!! Beautiful pieces!


I’d get real close if I saw you, just to check it out :joy::joy:

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Silly goose! :sweat_smile:

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