Red White & Blue

This is the second Seven Seas Sweater I have made from Stephanie Pokorny’s pattern. Love, love, love it!

4.00mm/G hook
Stitched entirely in Red Heart Comfort Yarn.
Photos are of sweater made in size small and shown on an extra small frame.

I tend to crochet loosely and because of this I think I could have probably gotten away with using a 3.5mm/E hook. Check your gauge often as I found I was crocheting tightly (to keep gauge) and then loosely as I relaxed and got into the motions of crocheting. The pattern is very well written and I found it easy to follow. My dear daughter is in love with this coat and I loved crocheting it. Highly recommend and you will not be disappointed in this sweater! The sleeves are to die for and the bustle is icing on the cake!!Pattern can be found here:


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That. Is. Amazing!!!
Everything I want to say starts with a swear word for emphasis of how great this is. :laughing:


Your model is beautiful, as is the coat! It was so nice of you to share your hints, too. P.S. How awesome that it has a bustle!

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This looks like so much work! Your daughter is a lucky lady to have you making all this cool stuff for her. Fantastic!

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Amazing. Straight up amazing.

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Wow, wow, wow! That bustle!!!

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Super cool!

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So much work! I bet she loves it!

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Thank you everyone; and, my daughter thanks you as well for such lovely compliments. <3

Holy Crap that’s amazing! How long did it take you?