Resurrecting a very OLD craft-Cross Stitch Afghan

Not a finished project but thought I would share a story with y’all.
My auntie never had kids but absolutely loved all her nieces and nephews. She couldn’t have kids of her own so after she got her RN she specialized in NICU care so she could surround herself with babies all the time. She was a fantastic nurse and loved her job well into her 60’s. She was VERY creative and an amazing seamstress and fiber artist. Her true joy was cross stitch. She crocheted an amazing piece for over her couch that was 4 feet by 6 feet of a carousel. I used to sit on the couch for hours staring at the beautiful work and artistry. She noticed my admiration and taught me to cross stitch when I was 8. She bought me SO many kits and supplies and every bday and Christmas I knew I could count on her for replenishments. My poor mother can’t sew a button so I couldn’t go to her for guidance so I relied on my auntie.
Long story short, I found this book she gave me (copyright 1980) and an afghan that I had started 20+ years ago. Thought I’d share…

and the only panel I’ve completed…out of 63!

This quarantine might be the best time to resurrect old crafts!


One down, 62 to go… :wink: I always love hearing stories of how/by whom people were inspired to take up a craft!


I very much enjoyed reading about your aunt and you and the sewing! My aunt taught me how to crochet and a dear friend taught me how to read patterns. I’m looking forward to seeing you finish more and more of the panels! Your aunt taught you well-it looks great!


This is wonderful!


This is the perfect craft for right now. Nice job!


I have this EXACT same book! I made a small Christmas afghan with all of the little Christmas mice, along with Mr and Mrs Claus! If my Christmas decor wasn’t buried in my storage unit (the joys of having no garage), I’d post a pic!

I can’t wait to see your finished project!!


this makes me so happy!! Would love to see it!

Your aunt sounds very special. As a person who had fertility issues of my own, I know what it feels like to not know if you can have kids. Luckily I was able. I am glad your aunt was able to find a way to happily keep children in her life and pass on such a special skill to you.

Keep us updated as you work on this project, and please tell us more stories that is has inspired.


What a wonderful story! I hope we get to follow along on the epic journey of this project!


I found my afghan!

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Wow! I hope mine turns out that beautifully!

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