ROUND 2: Craftalongs Challenge - Lettuce Help Our Communities CLOSED

Title: Purple and bandana themed
Masks for: Hubby’s co-workers

I made a couple masks for the employees my hubby supervisors and two of the office ladies asked him if I’d make them some. I sent photos of 12 fabrics and they picked the same purple. One lady wanted one for her hubby from a bandana so I just added it to the front of a plain mask, making three layers.


Title: Family Comes First
Masks for: Nephew and Wife
Pattern used: pattern perfected by @magpie

My nephew and his wife are having a baby so they both needed masks to wear once they get out of the hospital. He has to stay with her the entire time as they don’t want him going out and coming back…he is happy with that arrangement, but their 2 year old will be with his aunt and grandma, so everyone is fine…


Title: Three For the Ladies!
Masks for: My mom, grandma, and aunt
Pattern Used: Magpie’s Quick and Easy Pattern with Darted Front

Title: Three More For the Ladies!
Masks for: My mom, grandma, and aunt
Pattern Used: Magpie’s Quick and Easy Pattern with Darted Front


Title: Choosing fabrics is fun!
Masks for: Sister and her boyfriend
Pattern Link to Share:

Mesh wash bag and bodkin for threading replacement ties included.

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Title: Sewing masks is for the birds (and the beasts)
Masks for: Friends with a youngster
Pattern Link to Share:

Mesh wash bag and bodkin for threading replacement ties included.

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Title: 23 masks
Masks for: For 2 families of friends with lots of kids
Pattern Link to Share:

Mesh wash bags and bodkins for threading replacement ties included.

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Title: Rainbow Tie Dye Masks
Masks for: Friend Ana

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Those look great! How long are you making those ties? I don’t want to order any more elastic…I have tons of knit fabric…

Title: A.B. masks
Masks for: friends/family
Pattern link to share: A.B. mask-for a nurse, by a nurse

These were originally started when the call went out for PPE for hospitals. By the time I got them finished, the directive in my state was to have everyone wear them. So I put out a call on my FB to see who of my friends and family needed masks. The masks seen here were sent out in groups of 2-4 to relatives and friends, both close to where I live and in other states.


Title: A.B. masks, part 2
Masks for: more friends
Pattern link to share: A. B. mask-for a nurse, by a nurse

These two masks went to a friend that was recalled several months early from his term serving in the Peace Corps in Moldova because of Covid travel restrictions. He didn’t get any of the original masks pictured in the earlier post, but I was able to make 2 for him and his wife.

This mask was made for another friend who got a hold of me after the original batch went out. She is a huge Harry Potter fan, and I lucked out that I had a scrap of HP fabric leftover from a skirt I made for her last year.

I have made a few more from this pattern, but didn’t bother to document them. I have another friend who is pregnant and works in the local city clerk’s office. She got 4 masks total. This girl is someone our friend group especially desires to keep well; she has 2 boys, has had 2 late-term miscarriages/stillbirths, and she’s sitting right now at ~31 weeks. Full-term, here she comes!

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Title: masks for Navajo Weavers
Masks for: aunt’s co-workers
Pattern link to share: N/A, as I looked at several and distilled the final result down to a quick process

My aunt and uncle live in Arizona, and my aunt works at a gallery that sells Navajo weavings and other art pieces. This collective pays these people a living wage, and they showcase the beautiful work these artisans create. (gratuitous website plug for these peeps)
The Navajo nation as a whole has been hit especially hard with the virus, so my aunt asked me if I could make masks for the weavers and their families. I made groups of masks, and sent them to the families individually, which was more efficient than shipping to the gallery then having them turn around and ship them out. I think the total for this endeavor was close to 60 masks.
My mom cut out some of the rectangles, since I needed to get them sewn as fast as possible. I got a nice rhythm going on assembling many masks, and could do the pleats by eye which saved a lot of time.

Coincidentally, I made a mask for my hubby as one of the “tests” for the “pattern” I used. I also taught an online sewing class and we made masks! A lot of firsts in that weekend, for sure!


ok guys. I have a huge batch to post as I have been a mask making feind!

Title: Mom and kids trio
Masks for: A very favorite family! I watched their kiddos after school at our Rec program. It’s really hard not getting to see them when I would see them every single day!
Pattern Link to Share:

Title: Frown and teal floral mask
Masks for: My neighbor! Don’t worry - I wash all the masks I make and give :slight_smile:
Pattern Link to Share:

Title: Black and red plaid
Masks for: my neighbor again! Once again, I wash them lol.
Pattern Link to Share:

Title: Gray floral and blue dots
Masks for: Two masks for Carol and her husband.
Pattern Link to Share:

Title: Two blue dots
Masks for: our friends at Target!
Pattern Link to Share:

Title: Two more gray florals
Masks for: Two elderly neighbors. We have a very good friend who does not sew but she asked if I could make these for her neighbors on either side. What a sweet lady!
Pattern Link to Share:

Title: Stitch!!
Masks for: for my youngest kiddo. She loves her some Lilo and Stitch
Pattern Link to Share:

Title: Strawberry and Flower Fields forever
Masks for: A special order from another family of whom I would watch their kids after school.
Pattern Link to Share:

Title: baby buds and flowers
Masks for: my daughter’s teacher!
Pattern Link to Share:

Title: Lilo and stitch round 2
Masks for: My silly Aunt
Pattern Link to Share:

Title: Mermaids and Stars
Masks for: Kaitlin and Andrew
Pattern Link to Share:

Title: 3 More!
Masks for: David and his family
Pattern Link to Share:

Title: Family of 5
Masks for: Christina and her crew
Pattern Link to Share:

Title: Pokemon!
Masks for: my husband
Pattern Link to Share:

Title: Fantasy!
Masks for: our librarian and dear co-worker
Pattern Link to Share:

Title: last two for a while lol
Masks for: another neighbor and whatthepuck!
Pattern Link to Share:

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You have been so kind to your community…if we are going to have to wear masks, they might as well be pretty or cute or fun…it is sort of sad, but we have to make the best of it…these are all fabulous…


Thank you! And I agree. If we need to wear them then let’s make them pretty lol

Title: Do YOU wanna look like a HARDWOOD FLOOR?
Masks for: My parents and me and my husband
Pattern Link to Share: Magpie’s easiest mask pattern!

I tried @Magpie 's easiest mask pattern and I LOVED it! I and my husband have deviated septums from breaks (his NOTICEABLY worse since it was obviously broken and not corrected. He snores a lot. Lol) I made my dinosaur mask and realized it just felt so much better than my other mask. So I made Kenny another one, then made some for my parents, while trolling my father, of course. My text to him yesterday: “Do YOU want to look like A HARDWOOD FLOOR?” Lmao
Him: “what are you smoking?”
Me: “just say yes”


Title: Simple Masks
Masks for: Dad
Pattern Link to Share: Modified Deaconess

It’s so wonderful to see so many masks here! What a generous community!

I’m not entering this round officially because I already won a prize last round (thanks again @PerfectlyBohemian for the amazing gift certificate!), but I just want to share some of the masks I’ve been making this month. :slight_smile:

Mom and I have been working on masks every day, doing however much we have the energy for, assembly-line style, and so far we’ve already completed and given away around 75 masks, including 7 to a hospital and 20 to the Navajo Nation. We have somewhere around 30 more already made that we haven’t given away yet, but we’re still sending them to friends and family who need them, and hope to keep sending around 20 a week to the Navajo Nation for as long as they’re still asking for them.

I haven’t remembered to take photos of all the masks, but here’s a stack of some we made on just one particularly productive day:

Oh, one other place we’ve been sharing them is on our front porch! We already had a thank you sign up for delivery people, but I wanted it to be more than just lip service, so we’ve upgraded it!

So far three masks have been taken! I’m really glad people want to use them! Two women’s size and one men’s size have been taken, and each time we replace the mask with a new one of the same size, and we plan to keep that up as well. We’re also currently freezing ice to put in a cooler, and starting tomorrow we’re going to have free beverages out for delivery people as well. We’re fortunate enough to be able to afford this, and I thought a tangible thank you for the people making our lives easier right now would be appreciated.

Oh, and here’s a mask I made for one of my friends using fabric I got with last month’s certificate!


That’s so awesome roler!! I might have to copy you if I can ever get to your level of production. Bravo!!!

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Title: More of the same
Masks for: Local health care group

More of the same. I found some med wt interfacing at the bottom of a stash bin, so made up as many masks as I could. This batch is about 2 doz.

I only had a little of the wildly colored fabric, but they make “hey notice me” cute masks. The rest are the same as earlier pictures. I have some interface coming, but things are so slow right now. I’ve had two orders canceled due to no inventory. Hope this last order comes soon.

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Title: proffesional black
Masks for: for my husband at his office
My husband starts working from his office again this week, and thought starwars and fun prints weren’t proffesional, so I looked through my stash and black prints.

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Title: light and dark purple
Masks for: my daughters

I made these in a more cheerful color for my daughters and experiments with a strap instead of the elastic, but they prefer the elastic

Title: Harry Potter
Masks for: myself

I also had this print in my stash, so I made a Harry Potter one for myself. I combined a couple patterns to get the pleated mask with one long knit strap

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