Round n Round, Prototype Felted Necklace

Basically an experiment to see how such pieces would drape. Decoration of the pieces was intentionally haphazard. I wanted to spend enough time to be able to make something “finished” from the work, but I didn’t want to spend more time until I knew if the basic idea was going to be workable.

The piece drapes very well. I think I might try for a slightly narrow cord, but this thickness made the individual disks sit very well and there is no possibility of spinning which can be considered an advantage in terms of “purposeful” decoration.

Lots of possibilities so a successful experiment/prototype.


This is very cool! I’d love to see how it looks worn.

Drape is so important - I hate constantly fiddling with a necklace so it lays right!


I, too, would be curious to see how your necklaces are draped.

I love the colors.


Beautiful colours, the disc shapes are really interesting too.

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