Salad bowl sporks

Now granted they’re not perfect (lack of tools + lack of work area + pain = fun fun fun), but for what I could pull off they actually came out quite nice.

Here’s a pic showing them in relation to what the bowl came with.

And these pics show the seams from when I glued the pieces together. Unfortunately the cracks that I filled with glue and sanded wood didn’t shade like the rest did, but they don’t look too awful.

And these last pics are of the toothpicks I used in place of the nails. I really don’t like metals in utensils, O_o.

And what I would have done if I had a better work area and drill press, I would have been able to make these flushe, and I would have gone completely through at angles with the toothpicks instead of straight.

And here’s what I did to make them more rounded.

It would have been a lot better to have built two rounded jigs instead of this, but I really don’t have any tools to make that easy. So I caved and did it this way.

Meh, all in all, even with the slight mishaps they still look pretty good. Especially for someone who hasn’t done wood working of this complexity.


Oh wow! Those are great!

They’re wonderful!

These are really awesome!! I love how they hang on the edge of the bowl.

These are so dang cool!

impressive and useful!

Tfey look great! I was wondering how you got the wood to curve, thank you for including that pic!

Cool! They look really well made! What did you seal them with? Poly?

Oil and beeswax for cutting boards. In a few hours I’ll hand wash them lightly, and if they need it, one more layer of beeswax, and repeat tomorrow about the same time.


Wow, those are great! Toothpicks for nails. Just wow!

I think these are awesome and I love the “bending” contraption!!

I think they look great.

Why is it we feel the need to point out everything we think is a flaw rather than just letting people admire our work.


So we can improve next time!

They look great. I see the “flaws” but I don’t even care, just seems to add to the hand crafted vibe which is something I love.

Gorgeous work!

That was kind of a rhetorical question but since you answered I’ll reply back … We can improve knowing our flaws but we don’t need to tell everyone else about them.

Well, I’m kind of a perfectionist, so they bug the living daylights out of me, heh. That, as well as, I’m extremely forgetful, and I believe since my youth I’ve used several different methods as memory aids, and explaining it “out loud” happens to be one of them. Then there’s the put downs I lived with since I was little, “you’re stupid”, “that’s wrong”, “It’s not good”, etc, etc. so, also, it could be learned behavior in an attempt to alleviate that kind of reaction. Could be a mixture of all the above. Either way, it’s just how I am, but I am reserved in when and where I let this happen. Why here? Because I feel comfortable with you all, :smile:.


Those are so cool! I love how they hang in the edge

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There’s a groove on the bowl that they fit into.


Sorry if anything I said came across rude, that wasn’t my intention. I tend to do the same thing and was rhetorically asking why as makers we tend to do that.


:eyes: Well, lookie here! :eyes: Your amazing craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :rainbow:

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