Savoury Bacon Chilli Cheese Bread Pullaparts

Because all the previously made and frozen savoury snacks have been devoured, it was time to make more yumminess! The bread pullaparts can be made sweet or savoury, depending on the fillings used. Todays’ choice was savoury.
Began with making the bread dough, it’s a double mixture for this project so has to be done in the mixer, not the bread machine. While I used to hand knead bread when I was young and fit, those days are not these days. :grin:
Started by measuring and putting all the filling ingredients into the pan so they could be cooked and cooled before needing to be spread onto the rolled bread.
Bread for Pullaparts 1G

While that was cooking, I measured and started kneading the bread mixture. Part way through the kneading, all going well.

Risen pullapart dough 2G

About an hour later, dough has risen beautifully, and is ready to be stretched out flat to be spread with the filling mixture and then rolled.

Pullapart fillings 3G

Oh, my the mixture was tasty! I usually spread the stretched out bread with some homemade chilli chutney, but today I decided to put it in with the other fillings to cook through more evenly, and it’s had a wonderfully flavoursome effect!
Pullaparts spread 4G
The first thing spread onto the stretched out bread dough is 100gm of tomato paste, then a healthy sprinkle of dried sage, rosemary and thyme. Then goes the cooked bacon, pea, corn, capsicum, onion, chutney mixture.
Next there should be a layer of grated parmesan cheese, which I forgot to include until after I’d already rolled it up. So I unrolled it partway and put it on half of it. Better than leaving it off entirely.

Pullaparts rolled and cut 5G

Half the roll was already sliced and put into the trays before I remembered to take a photo! Have to work reasonably fast as the bread continues to rise and if it takes too long getting it all stretched and filled and rolled and cut, they don’t turn out as nicely plump and bready as they should.

Pullaparts proved glazed 6G

After the second proving, and then a milk glaze, the yummies are about to go into the preheated oven.

Pullaparts done 7G

And done! They smell soooo good! They need to be allowed to cool before attacking them though. When they are properly cooled, I’ll separate and package what is not being eaten fresh into serving sizes, and freeze them for later consumption.

Use your own choice of bread dough mix, this is for the filling.
Chilli Bacon Pullaparts Filling Mixture:
100gm Tomato Paste
6 short cut rashers Bacon - would be equal to 2 full rashers - or however much you want to use.
200 gm Frozen Onion
Pequillos (optional)
Chilli Chutney or Dried chilli (optional)
Cheese (grated parmesan/4 cheese)
100gm each Peas, Corn, Capsicum Frozen
OR 300gm Peas, Corn, Capsicum MIx frozen
Cook bacon and veges until cooked through and no liquid left in mixture.
Spread Tomato Paste onto stretched out dough.
Sprinkle evenly with Sage, Rosemary & Thyme.
Spread cooked bacon and vege mix on top of dough.
Spread grated parmesan on top of bacon vege mix.
Roll up dough, slice into your choice of width, place flat side down in oven proof tray.
Let prove, covered, in a warm place, for at least ½ hour, or till doubled in size, glaze with milk.
Cook ~ 30 mins at 180°C in preheated oven. Let cool at least a bit before pulling apart.


This post made me extremely hungry :yum:
This looks so yummy.


This looks great.

Have you a favourite bread dough recipe. I never have much success with bread dough using a dough hook on my mixer. It climbs the book and doesn’t seem to do much actual kneading.

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Mmmm…Sounds so yummy!

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These days, my favourite bread dough recipe is one I’ve adapted myself through numerous trials to come up with one that is useable in either a sweet or savoury product while still meeting my carb control needs. (I control T2 diabetes with a reduced carb intake which keeps me off medication for it.)
This recipe will not suit everyone, but I’ll put it here in case you find it useful to you, @Edel.
The adapted size recipe for my bread machine with additions for a fruit bread is [here.] (Tried a New Recipe for Fruit and Nut Bread)
NB: Even with the bread machine the ingredients are well stirred before adding to the loaf pan so it doesn’t clump.

Tea’s White Bread – carb adapted
Ingredients: Carbs:
500ml Water (if using Psyllium) - if not using psyllium reduce water by 100ml and keep watching dough to add more when needed)
3 tablespoons Oil
2 teaspoons Salt
2 tablespoons Sugar - 32gm
500g Bread Flour - 356gm
2 tablespoons Milk Powder - 5.7gm
7gm sachet dried Yeast - 0.2gm
25gm Psyllium Husk/flour - 0.1gm
50gm Chick Pea Flour - 24.35gm
3 tablespoons Gluten
Total Carbs: 418.35gm Divide by the carb amount allowed per food serve & you have the least number of slices needed. If more slices cut, divide the 418.35gm by the number of slices to see what each slices’ carb load will be.
Use 2 foil trays (equalish to rectangular swiss roll type cake trays) for hamburger rolls; 2 loaf tins for small loaves. 2 usual foil trays + 1 small for pullaparts (as seen in final image)

  1. Measure ingredients. Use hand whisk to mix dry ingredients evenly together. (if this is not done, the different dough flours will not mix evenly) Put into mixer bowl.
  2. Add oil and begin kneading with dough hook, slowly add water until all added.
    3.Preheat oven at 50°C or lower, for proving - when is dough ready, turn oven off.
    Knead for about 15 to 20 mins, on a slow, low setting, stopping to scrape down hook & sides & bottom of bowl.
  3. Cover bowl with clingfilm, & prove in prewarmed oven until doubled (up to 1 hour - but keep checking).
  4. Divide dough into 2, place in trays/pans to prove, covered, while oven preheats to 180°C/350°F. For flat buns, divide dough into the number of buns you want, roll them into shape and place in tray with a bit of room to prove, cover with a flat tray with slight weight on top to keep the buns flat, until proved.
    Cook for approx 30 mins. Turn out, let cool before slicing.
    ALWAYS let the fresh cooked bread cool or it will go hard - unless you’re going to eat it all in one go!
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Yum! This looks delicious! It also seems like it would work for a snack or for a meal.

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Thank you for that sweetie. What is the function of the gram flour? Simply to reduce carbs and increase protein? Or has it another function.

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Yes, that’s it exactly @Edel - Chick pea / gram flour provides more protein and reduces the carbs and gives the end product the bulk that the liquids need to form a successful bread product - and means I can have a decently sized slice of bread! :grin:
I tried coconut flour at first, but it’s way too drying.

These look and sound amazing!!!

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I truly admire how many wonderful homemade goodies you make for yourself!

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Thanks @AIMR, that’s kind of you to say.
For a variety of reasons, I’m not able to eat most of the store bought products I might choose to consume, so I concoct as many recipes as I can that fit within my limitations and the flavours I like while still having affordable and attainable ingredients.
Most ingredients are long life being either dry, frozen or with very long use-by dates if refrigerated (Feta Cheese being one of these) because I never know from 1 day to the next if my pain levels will enable me to complete one of my baking projects.
Although, if I’m doing baking projects, I’m not doing crafting projects. :sob:

I find taking care of myself is way more important these days, which is why I build in exercise and meals in as much as I can. My husband is the cook, but, I still have a say in what to buy and it is getting harder as more foods bother me.

You give a strong independent and almost pioneering sort of vibe with your cooking, using what you have, recycling, and clothes making…it is admirable indeed!

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