Scrappy patchwork book with fabric bead place markers

One of my favourite crafts to do is creating something out of nothing. This is made from stuff that would have otherwise ended up in the garbage. I think it turned from trash to beautiful, useful treasure.

The paper bag pages were made from gift and wine bottle bags doubled and sloppy stitched around the edges.
The first time I saw a book made of paper bags LimeRiot posted it on Cster. I haven’t seen her here on Lettuce (yet!) but this is the tutorial she originally linked to.

The cover is a slow stitched patchwork of little fabric scraps saved from other projects. A few of my all-time faves are featured, too small to do anything else with but just perfect for this, I am so happy I saved them.

The ribbon bits were from stash and I thought they’d be even nicer place markers with scrappy fabric beads added to the end. Those are made with the teeniest shreds of fabric waste because I can’t bring myself to throw those out either, ha! There’s an upcoming class for the beads where I’ll be sharing tips and tricks on how to make them, it’s a fundraiser for this website and will be more than worth your $5 contribution so I hope you’ll sign up!


Wow! This is beautiful! Both just to gaze upon, but in the intent and materials, too.

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This is just gorgeous! So happy you are sharing your skills and inspiration in a class! :grinning:

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Beautiful! I’m pinning this :heart:

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the color and beads are beautiful. Lovely work.

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Thank you all! I am so excited to see what y’all make in the class!

I’m so in love with this! The fabric choices and stitching are magnificent. Stunning work as always, my friend!

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I just finished the PDF of instructions for the scrappy fabric bead class that’s happening this Saturday, I hope y’all signed up! Just a couple more hours to send kittykill your sign up if you haven’t already :upside_down_face: