Serve Embroidered Tea Towel

I made this for the Crafty Garage Sale. I may need to make the others in this series. Maybe in different colors. It is from Aunt Martha.


It is nice to see your beautiful work…this is so simple and neat…a whole series would be good!

Love this! Sometimes the simplest stitches are the prettiest. Did you use a running stitch here?

I did! Thanks!

it’s simple, but that doesn’t mean there is less technique. I think it was in the Australian Masterchef I heard something about it’s hard to make simple things look great, because you have less things to hide behind, and I can’t seem to find any error in this, really beautiful and simple stitches

It is true, her stitches are flawless. I am lucky enough to own a couple of her hoops and I enjoy them so much.

Awww! Thanks gang! You are good for my soul.