Shams from Curtains

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My co-worker has been living with her in-laws for a number of years while they bought and got a new business off the ground. They finally bought a home of their own but it took them 6 months to actually move in because they were renovating part of it. She has been exciting and chomping at the bit to get into her new home. We have all been following her adventure and rooting for her.
Well, she got in and she is now in the decorating phase. She bought some curtains and asked if I would make her some shams out of them to match the sets that she will be hanging.
I learned a lesson, ask more questions before agreeing to do crafts. LOL!
The fabric ended up being 100% polyester and it was a weird woven texture that I had to fray check the heck out of. It wouldn’t iron crisply and it is too floppy to actually hold much of a shape as a sham. Still, I made two for her. I hope they work out. I wish I could have interfaced them to hold their shape better but I feared melting the polyester. :grimacing:

They ended up matching my bedroom quite nicely. LOL! Also, I used disappearing ink to mark out where to sew the pocketing lines, yet it keeps reappearing. Does anyone know how to fix that? If I get it wet, it disappears again.
I used this pattern, Super easy to follow and make.

Thanks for checking it out.


Ugh…I know the type of fabric you are talking about…my sister bought similar curtains and they frayed all over the place!

But, you did a great job!

You might want to try oxyclean to get out the disappearing ink. If you ironed over it, you might have set it so it will just take time before it disappears for good.


Very sweet of you to make these pillow shams for her. They look nice and will add just the right posh to her room.


Oh yeah, you got tricked on this one. But you were able to make some great looking cases, regardless!


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Brilliant reuse of curtains!

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Congratuations on overcoming all those obstacles to get some very nice looking shams!

Years ago it was recommended to me to cut nylon with a wood burning tool, because of the fraying. I wonder if it would work with this kind of material, too? Mine was pretty heavy duty stuff, though, so maybe handled it better.


They are really pretty. Way to turn it around!

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They came out great! I would never know your struggles.

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Nice job! They look great!

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Great job pushing through! And yes always ask more questions - I learned that myself last time I did a friend a favor :roll_eyes: