(should have been) a fast crochet Dreamcatcher

They are times when I shouldn’t craft, especially when there’s been insomnia the night before, and I’m a bit stupid with fatigue… This was one of those times. It’s a lovely design that I found on ravelry via @MistressJennie but I had to frog it three times, I eventually got the hang of the pattern and got it made. It’s destined to hang in a tree in my garden, but it’s dark and cold out so it’s staying inside right now.


Super beautiful! It was worth all the frogs!


It’s gorgeous…I love the colours you used!


Gorgeous! Definitely worth the time and trouble.

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It turned out lovely!

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There’s something about the light/dark and cool/warm contrasts in this particular spiral that is really dynamic.

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Lovely! Perfect for a garden tree!

It’s gorgeous and it will look wonderful hanging from a tree!
Hooray for making the world a little prettier!

Yours came out beautifully!!!

Beautiful! The outer wrapping is the best!

It’s very pretty, I’m glad you managed to get it done.
What did you use for the outer hoop?

It was a random hoop that my husband has arrived, I think it was from an old lampshade

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