Site not loading on mobile

I have previously been able to navigate LC with no issues on my ipod touch. Now I get a blank page with the categories menu and the new topic button. When I click on categories, these two things replicate themselves below the originals. This happens each time I click either the first one or the new ones. Nothing happens when clicking new topic.

I’m not running the most recent iOS because the device is too old to accept it.
iPod touch 9.3.5
Safari 9

Thanks for any insight! I can still use the desktop site but it’s nice to not be tied to that.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and I have noticed many times that there is a long lag time (minutes or more) many times before I can get things to load. Most times I click “unread topics” or “new topics” and it’s stalling for me, but when I come on the desktop it works ok.

Sadly, it might be related to this. That iOS is from August 2016, so that’s nearly four years of system and security updates you’re missing. :slightly_frowning_face: I’ll check my most recent update to see if I can make any other correlations, though!

Which operating system are you using on the 8+?

It’s an Android operating system. Not sure about which update it is on though my phone says it is the most current one.

I was afraid that might be the case. I know backward compatibility is not a priority. Just sad that I had a tease of functionality before I lost it! I tried @Lynx2Lancer’s method of just leaving it for a while and the top bar popped up, but still nothing is clickable.