Skirt Sew-Along

This is awesome!! What a great bonding experience and the skirts turned out beautifully!

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These skirts look great. And the tshirt with the chemistry fabric is a perfect match :wink:

I would 100% wear that lab equipment skirt to school! Great job, both of you! What a fun idea to make a skirt at the same time, and excellent job drafting the pattern. You put the M in STEM to work!

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@craftADDchick Or maybe the A in STEAM :).

And, even the E if you drafted the pattern from scratch :slight_smile:

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And T for Tech, of course.

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These are so awesome - and you make it sound so easy! :laughing:

@FaeMakes it was a pain to divide the pleats for her waist measurement. I should have done it in metric. And then her fabric was not as wide as mine so I had to recalculate for HER fabric. I left that part out because itโ€™s not that interesting :). (If you look closely you can see her pleats are spaced a little further apart than mine.)


Oh, yeah - you definitely made it look so easy! I want to sew a skirt now!