Skull [supposed to be] hotpants

Hi you crafty bunch, it’s ME yet again! Altho I say that, it’s been nearly a month since my last clothing make, yikes :astonished:

Might be a while until my next clothing make too in fact, our house is finally on the market after the whole covid fun, so we’re [carefully] looking for a new house now (whilst socially distancing and wearing masks obv!), so it’s all go here!!

Aaaaanyways, so my latest creation is some more shorts, cos I love shorts!!! This time it’s some stretch shorts tho, usually I make loose fit cotton ones.

I modified the pocket slightly as I know some people testing the pattern found that it gaped a bit, so I used a semi-circle design (which I tend to use for all other trousers and shorts I make as I love that kind of pocket)

The pattern is technically called Heatwave Hotpants (which is appropriate because temps were 32 deg C today, which is super hot for we here in the UK), but I figured I’d lengthen them slightly (about an inch) to combat the chub rub. Thing is it turns out that despite being a reasonable 5’7" apparently I have really short legs so actually I feel like they’re too long now so I’m pondering shortening them now by at least a couple of inches…

I’m thinking that when shortened to actual hotpants they’d look great with these rainbow fishnet tights I just ordered from Snag, buuuut question is, is it inappropriate for a 44 year old to wear hotpants and fishnets?!! :see_no_evil: :scream_cat:

Soooo hot, how easy do you think it would be to train Rosie the woof to fan me with a giant leaf fan??

:boom: Fabric: I used the the Skull and Bones scuba fabric from Fabric-Styles
:boom: Pattern: I used the Heatwave Hotpants pattern from George and Ginger Patterns (affiliate link)

See ya next time! :sunglasses:
Loops xx


These are great! I don’t think they’re too long, but I always tend to like the Bermuda length shorts more than any others, so I’m not a good judge of that. Your fabric choice is top notch - as ususal. :slight_smile:

Hells NO!! (edited because I think I was confusing, Hells YES you should wear them!! No, never inappropriate if it’s your style and you’re comfortable and many swear words to anyone who says otherwise)

Hello fellow UK person :smiley:


Also, would love to hear your review on snag tights

I love them! And if you want to wear hotpants and fishnets, you should certainly do that! Life is too short to worry about what the neighbours might think. I’d love to hear about the tights too, my favourite brand seems to have changed their fit so I’m looking for a new brand.

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These are awesome and will only be made awesomer by rainbow tights. Rock on, lady!

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Neverrr! Wear those things.

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That fabric is the coolest and the shorts are very flattering. Well done!

These are cute. I understand the “chub rub” you mention, so I tend to wear my shorts longer. But I think you would look awesome with the shorter shorts and fishnets. When I was younger, I used to do that sort of thing. Ironically, at 54, I live in a neighborhood where it would be completely acceptable, but I no longer feel confident enough to do it.

I love them! I think they look great as is and would also look great shortened with fish nets. Go with your gut! Great job!

@Kwality570 Well thank you very much :wink: Yeah I know what you mean, most of my shorts I tend to go just above the knee, mostly cos of chub rub, and also because obv when you sit down they go much higher up the old legs!!

@Renstar image :wave:

@Immaculata and @Renstar - I’m a big fan of Snag tights actually, they’re pretty high waisted which I find good cos standard tights cut me in half where I’m the biggest on my tum, and they pretty much just feel like leggings. I’d actually thrown away all my tights before I found these because I hated normal ones so much. I buy the thicker ones, I’ve got a pair in purple, some ones with skulls on, and I just ordered some turquoise fishnets, the rainbow fishnets, and some turquoise chub rub shorts :grin:

@J-squared I kind of feel like I’ve gone the other way, whilst my social anxiety and agoraphobia has got worse with age, my confidence in wearing whatever the h*ll I want has increased :crazy_face:

And a big :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: to everyone


I would be interested in your pocket adjustment…I like to put pockets into everything, even dresses.

I am like you…the older I get, the more confident I feel about wearing what I like…at my age, being an eccentric old lady is fine with me!

I love tights but hate that they tend to not last long for me…I have cats that like to climb my legs…lol

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First, your posts are so much fun! Hope all goes well in the real estate department!

I like your shorts! I think they look good as is, but would also look good if you shortened them a couple inches. It’s a win either way. I also really like how you did the pockets. And I say go for it with the rainbow tights! I have also hit the age (41) where I have ceased to care what people think about my clothes. If I likes it, I wears it.

@AIMR Some of the testers found that the pockets in the pattern were gaping, which I assume is down to the fact that it’s for stretch fabrics and designed to be a snugger fit, and the pocket in the pattern is more vertical. I wasn’t sure if that would happen on mine, but what I did is just made the pocket top more circular diagonal, and I also made it deeper as I like a biiiiiig pocket!! As it’s bigger it does overlap the darts now but I didn’t find that an issue.

@grenouille78 - Awww thanking you, I’m defo a goofball :wink: Off to see our first properties (since covid) this afternoon in fact so I’m very excited! Also my rainbow tights are due tomorrow I believe :star_struck: Might have to do an update with them on!


The shorts are adorable! And I’m so happy for the moving news! Good luck!

Also, I love your little Supermodel doggo!!!

Edited: I just saw the commentary. Wear what you like! The more you wear it, the more comfortable you’ll be, so start doing it now! Tonight! Show off those gams! We’ve got one life, so wear the shorts you want, and tights if they make you happy!

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