Slop (an old repie of mine)

This is an old invention of mine during my bachelor days, and to stretch money for food. Also, pretty darn tasty.

1 package beef or mushroom gravy (add 1/4 to 1/2 cup extra water).
1 lb. Ground beef or turkey
Elbow noodles (I find these are the best for this).

Fry the hamburger and cook the noodles til almost done, add the liquid, noodles, and gravy mix to the hamburger and cook til the noodles are fully tender.

Salt and pepper to taste, and top on bread or mashed potatoes.


Sounds like some serious comfort food!

I make this a few times a year as well! Simple, but delicious. If we have cheese, I throw some of that one it as well. Yummy!


My grandma used to make this too!! She woud add onions and leek to the meat, she always added cheap vegetables to meat to stretch it even further. We used to eat it with tomato ketchup and sliced bread. I think I may need to cook this sometime soon, it brings back memories!