Small Mountain Mixed Media

I made this mixed media for Stellato_escuro in the Little Good Things swap which I titled “Once in a Blue Moon”

The background is acrylic paint and metallic markers. The mountains are alcohol ink markers markers on paper, then attached with gloss gel medium.

Does anyone have any tricks for photographing glossy things? I have a few more I’ve made now too and I mostly just get glare unless I do it at a steep angle which looks kind of silly with the small canvases to me.


It looks great, despite the glare. The only way I know to get non shiny pics of a glossy item is to diffuse the light, maybe through a piece of thin white fabric.

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Thank you Maggie!

I hadn’t thought about trying to diffuse the light, I will definitely try that.

This is great. I like the mandala action you got going on around the blue moon.

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Thank you geekgirl!

Again, your colors are amazing! And the sky!

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It looks wonderful!! Even non glossy art is hard - well, I find it hard to photograph anyway, the colours never look quite right.

I find I’m getting the best result with photographing outside in bright daylight, but with the piece in shade, not direct sun. I don’t know how that will go with gloss, but maybe worth a try?

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You chose the most glorious colors. I would love to have this hanging in my home.

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Thank you all!

I haven’t tried photographing outside. I too find colors to be kinda off when I photograph art but I’m usually able to tweak on the computer them so they are pretty close.