Something different for Yule

I wanted to make some Yule ornaments this year, but couldn’t decide on how. I had a bag of wood slices handy, but I no longer have my wood burning kit and did not want to drag out my paints and brushes.

So I went a different direction. I crayon tinted the ornaments and I love how they came out!

What do you think? :smile:


Oh, hey, the pictures are here! I’m on a different computer, maybe it was my browser.
Great designs, and the crayons gave bright strong colors!

I don’t see any pictures.
Did you only have white crayons? That would be the ultimate in simplicity, kind of like the all white paintings that sell for millions.
Or maybe it’s my browser…


I don’t see a picture either…

Love the mistletoe & the autumn leaves!

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Those two are my favorites as well. :smile:

I have no idea what happened, but it’s fixed now.

They are lovely! Very vibrant. The mistletoe is my favorite.

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Lovely, iconic symbology. The acorn & leaves are my top pick.

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Cool! I like the mistletoe the best.

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These are loaded with winter charm! I love the brightness against the untreated wood.

Me, too! :smiley:

I think I might be making more crayon tinted ornaments. Super easy!

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They are lovely!

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These are darling! My friend and I were just discussing wood ornaments now I have all these great ideas!!!

Try the crayon tinting. It’s quick, easy and works up way faster than acrylic paints. I’ve already made another set that I’ll post in a few. :grin:

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