Spiderman for a little boy

I made a last minute Spiderman costume (kind of) for kindergarten carnival. It’s all from stash (because of no time to order anything) so I had to wing it a little. And I found the fabric pens after I had finished the spider web with fabric paint. My daughter also helped with the web (as you can see in the bottom left corner).
It’s rather like a jogging suit but I think that way he can wear it all year long if he wants. I really hope he likes it.

Now I’m off to finish Hulk :rofl:


He will surely love it, you are such a lovely mummy :heart:

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Turned out really great considering you worked with what you had!

I would say that Spiderman likes to go casual as well and sometimes needs a break from spandex…he will love it and should be able to wear it comfortably…everyone will recognize it immediately as Spiderman!

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I bet the little boy will love it!


Oh my Goodness. I could never “wing” this. It looks great! I bet he is absolutely thrilled and throws lots of webs while wearing it!

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Thank you, @Magpie, @AIMR, @madebyBeaG and @gozer!
He was over the moon when he saw it this morning :star_struck: So it was worth all the effort.


Absolutely spidey-rific!

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This is fabulous!

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I can’t believe you just sewed this up! Skillz!

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