Spring 2024 Ongoing Wish Swap Gallery/Discussion

Whoa!!! How did I miss that doll? Amazing!

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I received such a great package from @Manders. I already used the bath bomb. Look at this fabulous painting of my pup Iggy!!! I love it. Thank you so much!!!


What a fun picture of Iggy! Lovely work, @Manders!


I’m so happy you like the painting. It was a lot of fun to do!

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@Manders - That artwork of Iggy is incredible! I love the style!

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Wow, @Manders Iggy POPS!
Great job!


I got a treasure trove from @sheepBlue !

Even her notecard is gorgeous!

but the fishead ladies woodcut may be my favkrite. Have to go frame shopping again!

A fascinating pendant and wiggly irridescant earrings. I love wiggly earrings! AND skull earrings!

And a mystic moth lapel pin

Also some delicious looking orange tea!

Thank you so much!!!


Awesome package, @sheepBlue. I love the notecard and print.

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I’m so glad you like it @steiconi! The print is done with lino, and I love it so much I have a tattoo version of it. I thought it’d be up your alley :wink:

The notecard was done by another swapper, that I received in a past swap - sorry I can’t remember who though.


I wanna see this tattoo. That is awesome!


That package and tattoo are amazing!

@sheepBlue ,
How did you make the pendant? Is it crocheted or chainmailled or??? I’ve been admiring and puzzling over it. I wore it and the matching earrings today!

Its viking knit :slight_smile:

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How cool, thanks for the tute!

That is awesome! I love it!!!

I received from @Tapestry last night and love it so much!

She made a watercolor portrait of my pupper, Izzy. Truly captured the old soul I see in her eyes sometime.

She also included a few lovely papery bits and a beautiful card :heart: Thank you!


So glad you like it! The words page phrases are stickers and the awesome gelli card was created by @geekgirl in Shop The Swap.


Wow, that is a wonderful rendition!


Love that painting! It is so wonderful!

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