Sssssssomebody sssssstop me!

Long trip coming up, which includes stops in snowy mountains, hot deserts, and rainy coastal areas. I need to bring a little of everything, so my suitcases are overflowing.
So here’s a second garment bag, smaller and much simpler than the first. It took only about 90 minutes to make, while the fancy first one took about 12 hours. But that included figuring a lot of stuff out, which I used when making this one. I only have heavy, dark zippers left, so I made a flap to hide it.

Hubby’s new garment bag. Even faster, because the dark zipper didn’t need a flap. The only vertical seam is the zipper; I just used the entire width and length of the fabric for both these bags. I thought they would look matched down center front, but no.

drawstring bags, to replace more ratty zip bags

We leave Tuesday for a seven week road trip. I may be just a little antsy, and crafting helps me calm down.

But it’s getting ridiculous.

I’ve made…
A cosmetic case
a billfold
a jewelry roll
A case to carry electronics
A bag for my TENS machine
2 matching bags for razor and foot sander
A garment bag
An overnight bag to match
A small zip pouch out of those leftovers
Another zip pouch out of a pretty scrap that fell off the shelf
3 drawstring bags for various things to pack
Another garment bag.
Yet another garment bag.

That’s 17 zippers in the last month. My husband is getting nervous, but that’s silly because I don’t have a big enough piece of fabric to bag him. Good thing I don’t like piecing…

…plus three bags to hold games: dominoes (with a Mexican food theme fabric because we play Mexican Train), cards (card/loteria fabric), and Triominoes (rainbow zebras).

…2 drawstring bags for vitamins, one bag just because the fabric was sitting there, a large tote to replace the ratty nylon bag for bathroom supplies (but I liked that the nylon was water-resistant, so I took it apart and used it as a lining). Since I unearthed a few more zippers (note to loved ones muttering about interventions: we NEED to hoard supplies!), my zip installation count is now up to 20, plus some velcro on the last bag.

Um, I packed my embroidery supplies in a nice clear plastic bag with a real zipper. It looks kind of sad next to all the good stuff. Does it need an upgrade? Could I harvest that zipper?

we leave tomorrow morning. Can I bring the sewing machine? I could make new curtains for the hotel room!


There is something so satisfying in making all the things you can use…your list is practical and yet, by using fabrics you love, you have made them lovely as well! I knew you were making a lot of things, but to see them listed…wow…too late for an intervention, lol…a good thing, since you are out of large fabrics (but,of course, you have now revealed publicly that you have 6 yards of a a piece of fabric and if under oath, we would have to testify against you…so, keep hubby safe!) lol


But that fabric is too good to wrap a husband!


That is a good defense! :rofl:


That’s a lot of zippers! Great job, they all look great.

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Just amazing how many personalized items you’ve made for your trip! Very cool! Maybe you are getting all your crafting energy out now, since i’m guessing you’ll have less time for crafting once you are on your way.


Holy moly! I’m impressed by all you managed to make. Both of your garment bags look really good. How nice will it be to be surrounded by all your beautiful fabric while you’re off on a fun road trip? Are you making the trip in an RV?

I like to imagine this piece of fabric slowly floating down as a beam of sunlight highlighted it like a scrap sent from heaven :relaxed:.


That’s EXACTLY how it was, heavenly beam of light and all. The clincher: it perfectly matched my very last small zipper.

We sold the RV. It costs nearly twice as much to drive as the car we’re taking this time, and AirBnBs don’t cost much more than campsites. But we’d wanted an RV for years, and we’re really glad we got it and saw all the positives and negatives…then passed it on to satisfy somebody else’s dream.

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It’s so satisfying to make travel items that are just the thing you need! What a wonderful collectuon and it will make your trip more organized…at least we hope so.
I’ve made custom bags for camping and traveling too. Some work out, some don’t. But the ones that work are use over and over.

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gorgeous! these will make you smile every time you pack or unpack!
enjoy your trip – I’m a bit envious!

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Update: these garment bags are great. They hold enough shirts or blouses for a few days, and are lightweight and colorful enough to find easily in our overstuffed car.

The ribbon I used for the drawstring bags was too small, it got tangled easily. I replaced with heavier cord, and they are working well


Those look great! We went on an overnight trip & the garment bag we’ve got was in shambles, so sad. I’ll sew something, cool idea.


I hope you accomplished as much on your trip as you did preparing for it! LOL!

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Still traveling! My favorite travel activities include eating local foods, shopping at thrift stores, and walking on a beach. This trip has had an abundance of all, and I have restocked my stash to excess. Happy happy joy joy!


That sounds heavenly!!

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