Sticky Note Matchbook Stocking Stuffers


Last night I just needed to make something. And it needed to be something I could actually finish (I have several longer term projects going and it’s kind of getting me down). I spotted the new Costco pack of Post-its on my desk and a sample of the larger sized matchbook die cut and thought, “I wonder if the post its will fit in the matchbook” and they did! So…

I dug through my papers and found a few suitable to specific folks on our xmas gift list and zip-zawp now I have five little stocking stuffer-type gifts ready for December!


Ah, the matchbook made of paper becomes a cover for a post it pad, right? Took me a while to sort that out.
Very cute!

These are cute and great stocking stuffers! Tis the season to start crafting for Christmas. I went to buy some craft supplies yesterday and Christmas was already being set up in the store.

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Right! I have a die that cuts and scores two sizes of matchbooks. The larger size fits this size sticky notepad.

Yes! It takes time to make things! Plus, I collect smas gifts all year 'round. :wink:


Oh, these are adorable! What a great idea; everyone uses Post-Its.
You could even use it to carry Post-Its in your purse.

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Thank you!

Awesome! Love personalised gifts

:boom: Congratulations! Your awesome project is one of this week’s featured projects! :boom:

WHAT!? Thanks so much!

These are so cool. I’ll have to remember this idea.

I love the prints you pick for all your treasures. You have a really good eye for fun and attractive looks.

You should share this on the Christmas Craftalong if you haven’t already, we’re under 20 weeks until December 1st! :christmas_tree:


Thanks, pals!

Will do!

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Love this idea! I may have to steal it for some stocking stuffers at my house !

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