Stitch Along 2020-to the End of Time!

The theme for September is: Autumn
Do you feel that? A little crisp in the air? It’s September and that means it is time for cooler temps, back to school and pumpkin spice. The leaves are ready to put on a magical display! Okay…so the hot weather isn’t completely gone, we can still turn on the AC and dream about sweater weather.

To be eligible for the give away you must follow the following guidelines:

You must post a project in the given month. It can not be an old project, it must be new. It has to be the current theme.

You have until the end of the month to enter.
I will pick a winner at random.

Themes for 2021:
January-Let’s Go On a Trip!
February: Do You Love It?
March: Flora, Fairies and Fauna
April: Your Favorite Pastime
May: Color Me Impressed
June: Under the Sea
July: Come Visit Me
August: Summer Bounty



Eep! Our first official craftalong!! :sob:

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I can barely contain all of the excitement! Welcome home!

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Very cool! What a nice theme too. It would be a great way to celebrate our move last fall.


I have been working on my project all day while waiting for the site to launch!


Happy New Year, everyone! Excited to see what you’ve been crafting!

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@Lynx2Lancer! I can’t wait! I have a few ideas. I’m gonna start tomorrow.


Home is the perfect topic to begin.


I’m IN! I hope. We have birthdays this month so I will try my best to actually do some winter crafting between those and work. Wish me luck!

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You’ve got this girlfriend!

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I have been quite the couch potato this late afternoon/evening/super early morning. I was binging Stranger Things (finally have the dvds so I can watch), stitching, and waiting for the site to go live. Now, I’ve been playing on here for gasp(!) two hours! Here’s a sneak peak of my work…showing the blue I told @Averia I was using!


@Lynx2Lancer TEASE

@Magpie ready to see what you dream up. lady

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I just realized the picture doesn’t even show the color of the fabric, so even more of a tease, I guess!

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I’m really tempted to join this stitchalong as I really want to do more stitching. Hope I manage to actually start, I already can’t decide between my home, the cork guy, or lettuce.


That blue is really popping off the page!

Mine is neither of those…but it’s perfect in it’s own way.

Maybe you need a mashup? The cork guy looking out the window while eating some lettuce?


Perfect! :rofl:

Although I was thinking about a different take on home as in a classic sampler (to practice stitches, for one thing), but so much could be incorporated…

@Lynx2Lancer such a tease! Look at all those colors!

@Lynx2Lancer I love that you’ve got something on the go already! And those colours…

YAY!!! I can’t wait to find a pattern to stitch up! I haven’t made anything lately due to holiday craziness!