Stitch Along 2020-to the End of Time!

I love this!

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Can I join the stitch a long with a piece I already posted in its own thread?


Yep! To be eligible for the drawing, the piece has to have been made in this month.


Here’s my Sugar Skull Monkey, the happy end result of many misteaks!


But so worth it! Totally creative and well done!

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Ooh, all the different stitches and textures…!

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Here’s my October offering…he might go with my Halloween costume I’ll be wearing later… :wink:


Everyone’s October stitches are so cute!! You guys are all so clever!!

I don’t really do Halloween decor (it’s not traditionally a big thing here), but I figure you can never have too many cats! :smile_cat: So I made this little cat today. I was inspired by the wonky hand drawn designs in my vintage Japanese embroidery book, but I drew this one myself.

After a rough few days it was really nice to sit and stitch quietly for a few hours - thanks for the inspiration!


I love this one!

In my country Halloween isn’t really a thing either, but as a former goth kid I love Halloween! I didn’t really decorate for anything except for Christmas until 2020, The Year We Didn’t Leave The House. But I think I will do it every year from now on.


Correct!..You can absolutely never have too many cats, especially when they’re as adorable as this one!


All these entries are fantastic! Here is my Halloween hoop

The pattern is from Urban Threads


Oh man! I am so loving all the entries!

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I love the vintage-y feel to it!

Embroidery is so soothing. I take it with me to the doctor and dentist, and lost myself in stitching.

Your cat is great, now I want to stitch one!

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Cool (and a bit scary) cat @lindyv321!! that design has a lot of impact!

@Abbeeroad your porg is super cute! Did you get a picture of your Halloween costume?

@steiconi that monkey is so well done! the flower stitching is gorgeous :cherry_blossom:

@wittychild Mister Cat is too fabulous! the brights on the black look so great!

@kittykill your classic Frankensteins are adorable! I love the the soft vintage-y colours too

We’re the same, we don’t really decorate for anything, even our Christmas tree is a minimalist plywood one. But I think it might be fun to change the decor a bit more through the year - we do spend a lot of time at home. Of course, I need summer decor now, maybe it’s time to find some pineapples and cocktail umbrellas :grinning: :palm_tree: :pineapple: :tropical_drink:


Here’s my costume! We missed you at the zoom for sure!

I’m hipster Leia lol. My shirt says “I’m from Alderaan you’ve probably never heard of it.” :laughing:


Hahaha! that’s brilliant!

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Will there be a theme for November?

Ack! Sorry! With all that has been going on my mind is crazy.

I will post it officially tomorrow but the theme is:

Into the Woods.
Trees, leaves, little critters or big bad wolves, stitch up anything wood or forest related.


thanks! That sounds like fun!