Stitch Along 2020-to the End of Time!

Gah! I am so sad I did not finish my holiday hoop. It is sitting in my living room with my stitching stuff staring forlornly at me. December just kicked my butt and then I had to take a little mental break! I can’t wait to jump into January’s theme! I’ve got something in mind!


2nd try on this pattern. I made a big misscount early on the first one and so started over with 11count. I like the bigger size, but it’s not square and distorts the pattern. It’s fine on this small piece. My GD name is Piper.


And finished. Now to decide what to do with it. I didn’t leave much space around so I’ll probably just frame it.


It’s so beautiful .

I noticed that in your graph you had some leaves…are you leaving those out?

I think it turned out lovely!

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:grinning: I forgot the leaves, I was so excited to finish the flowers. Back to finishing the silly thing. Thank you.


That just means you get to finish it…again! Twice the accomplishment, right!?


@Whistlefish noticed that I had left out part of my own design. The leaves. So I finished it again. Thanks @Whistlefish. It is now complete.


Much better with the leaves!

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So beautiful and “spring-y!”

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I agree.

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That is so pretty! Love the colors.

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