Stitch Along 2020-to the End of Time!

Oh I love this! Mostly because I friggin stem stitch. When it looks good it is amazing but it’s so fiddly to me that mine never looks that great.

The backstitch and the stem stitch are the same in a way, since they look like each other on the reverse side. The stem stitch is great for heavier lines.

People always ask me whether I do a back stitch or stem. My answer is, “yes”. I have no idea what I do. I call it the “Pam” stitch. It creates nice straight lines. LOL!


My favorite stitch!

Red wine tragedy, oh noooo! Sad on so many levels. :wine_glass:

The beginning of this video shows a great technique for starting without a knot. There are lots of ways to end without knots too but even just half as many can tidy up the reverse of a piece that’s going to show. I end up playing a lot of thread chicken but I also try to guestimate the length of thread I’ll need to complete stitch lines wherever possible so I only have the end to tie off.
I like @AIMR’s layering technique a whole lot though, I suspect it’s going to become my go-to for anything with an exposed back!’

Have you seen @calluna’s sampler? It is really something.
I’ve always liked them, I could happily visit an entire museum just of that.

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I love the video tutorial, but what do you do with 3 strands? Editing to add, 3 strands for thin lines, as opposed to satin stitch or something you can hide ends under.
I am super lazy about knots, but I want to stitch on the pockets of a hoodie and know that I need to up my floss end game for structure and comfort.

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1 strand doubled up or 2 for thicker lines? I usually split in half for 3 but could do either 2 or 4 with little difference I think.

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Now i want to redo everything correctly!

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IMHO any technique is correct, they are all good. It’s nice having a few different ideas to try with various projects though. I think with a tea towel that will be used and washed, secure knots are a smart idea regardless of any bits that show on the back. That’s preferable to something coming undone, what a tragedy that would be!

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Does anyone here have experience with the backing material that you iron on over the backside of the embroidery to hold it all in place?

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Two done. These go fast when you don’t make mistakes or pour red wine on them.


They are very pretty and have such a simple, vintage feel…glad to see the peas were saved…that is the one you had to redo? Lovely tie in to each other with the bright yellow…more to come?

Such perfect, little French knots!

@AIMR yes, I want to do 6 designs. Peppers, beets, onions and carrots to come. And yes, this is the saved peas, the design was faint, but still there, so I redid it all. Whew.

@Whistlefish Thank you. French knots are easy…until they mess up.


Wonderful! The entire set is just so lovely…I am looking for new embroidery projects…I have enough towels, so maybe pillow cases next!

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Happily working hard to finish my February cross stitch…


You’re adorable.

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I agree! That picture is the best!

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That is the best ever. Love it!

I do love the large intense eye look! Go for it!

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