Stitch Along 2020-to the End of Time!

I finished my Feb stitch! Phew. Wasn’t sure I’d make it this month. I have been rewatching the show The Magicians while crafting this month. I read the books and enjoyed them but I really love the show. The characters are so bad ass and awesome, especially the women. I particularly love Margo and her colorful female-centric language, so I stitched up one of my faves. :laughing:


@Abbeeroad I loved that saying too. Very nice.

And working in getting enough veggies in my crafting diet.


I’m not familiar with the show, but great stitching and saying!

@marionberries your carrots look so crunchy and yummy!

Abbeeroad, I LOVE that show, and Margo is awesome. I enjoyed it so much more once they diverted from the books and Margo, Elliot, Kady and Penny got to really shine.
What a lovely hoop!


Yes!! I couldn’t agree more!

It’s been a while since I’ve completed any stitching - this month I got patterns out and everything! But I’m loving admiring everyone’s beautiful work all the same - maybe next month I can join in again :smile:

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I love this one the best so far! The greenery is beautiful, just like real carrot tops!

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I finished my hoop for the month, just barely on time! This is Lea, our ferret who recently passed and I love dearly. Miss her antics and sweet face.


What a beautiful memorial. I’m sorry for your loss.

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It came out so wonderful!! Beautiful stitching.

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What a beautiful piece. I’m sorry you lost such a sweet girl.


Announcement Time!

The winner for February is @AcadianDriftwood! Congrats!

The theme for March is Flora, Fairies and Fauna. It is March which means that spring is coming fast! The flowers, creatures and spring fairies are getting ready for the world to wake up. Stitch up anything that says, “Welcome Spring!” to you.

The same rules as always apply. Have fun!


Oooo…great theme! Congrats @AcadianDriftwood!


Your piece is gorgeous @AcadianDriftwood! I’m sorry for your loss.

I love this month’s theme, hopefully I’ll be able to submit something this time. I used to love Flower Fairies when I was in highschool and stitched up a few. Not really my thing anymore but I’m sure I still have them somewhere.

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Congratulations! Well deserved kudos!

Oooh, great theme for march. How can I pervert it?


And the beets go on…

Eat your carrots


Love them!

I’ve figured out what I’m doing and have gotten a good start; stumpwork butterfly wings!


Can you make a pair big enough for an adult? I love these.


I probably could; I used to be a theatrical costumer.
The tough part is always the harness so they can be worn.

And this pair looks better since I cut them out.

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