Stitch Along 2020-to the End of Time!


Sounds like fun for April!


I agree…sounds like a challenging April stitch but a fun one!


Hm. Contemplating for April…

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All these projects are so beautiful you guys!! You make me want to pick up my needle and floss again!

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Hmmmm, I wonder if anyone can guess what mine is??

:bird: :camera_flash:

Did you guess, or did I give it away? hehe

What a fun theme!


HA HA! That is one of mine too!

I got about halfway through my embroidery for March and ran out of time and motivation. I’m blaming it on the socks I got 40% knitted and then scrapped. The embroidery will eventually be a periodic cicada, and maybe it’ll be done before the real ones show up!

I’ve got some good options for April!


Have we gotten to see pictures of the backs of the finished dishcloths? I’m super curious about that, but wasn’t finding any (apologies if I missed them; blame it on the anesthetic still wearing off from a medical procedure yesterday!). :slight_smile:


I think I’ve got my April plan…I’ve already made a frame for it!
Guess what I enjoy!


Love that frame! Curious to see what you are going to fill it with.

I have been meaning to enter the stitchalong, but I haven’t been crafting much lately. Hopefully this will be the month I’ll get back to stitching.


So cool!

Here’s my late March stitch! I made it for @EriChanHime in the little good things swap. I waffled on the design too long and had to redo the hydrangea so I didn’t send until too late. I didn’t even want to hint about it here because then she’d know I was stitching something. :laughing:

On the upside I have a solid plan for April and might even start on it today!


It was such a thoughtful gift…it looks nice in the setting she showed as well!


Nifty 3D flower!
That technique might solve my current stitchery problem.

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I haven’t taken part in this stitch along in forever, but April’s prompt completely hooked me - I started this on Friday 2nd April and finished it today. It is going to be made into a cushion cover I think, although not 100% sure at the moment.

One of my favourite pastimes is to sew, so this seemed to fit perfectly…

I quite enjoy French knots, but even I chickened out of filling that whole sewing machine with them, so stitched in a piece of felt and decorated it with them instead. My old hand wheel Singer sewing machine is black with gold decoration, so that was my inspiration.

Link to pattern


Beautiful! And you really finished this one fast.

It is so fitting for your love of sewing! I love the little sewing machine.

Love this!! And you’ve done it so quick! Beautiful!

Ah! So fun!

Just started a new small tablecloth for camping, or the porch, or just to cheer me up. These stencils are from Colonial Patterns. I love the retro designs they have. And these tablecloths were on sale…I bought two for fun.