Stitch Along 2020-to the End of Time!

How cool to find a tablecloth that is perfect for stitching!

I love these patterns! And I love the fact that you’re stitching on something functional you will get lots of use from.

I love this idea!

I used Colonial Patterns iron-on patterns for the first time recently and I was shocked to find out they don’t wash out! Even though they’re supposed to wash out from 100% cotton fabric in cold water. Do you have any experience with that? Usually not washing out would not be such a big issue because the embroidery covers the lines, but I slightly moved this pattern while ironing.

I wet them with water and add a bit of dish soap, scrub it in, and then wash in warm or cold water with the usual detergent. That took out even the one that hadn’t been removed when I had my wine incident. Try again with dish soap and then regular wash.


I love the fire and marshmallows, the whole thing is going to look amazing

I got mine done in record time!

My favorite parts of travel are trying local (not to be confused with LowCal) foods and shopping for treasures.
Combination of felt and embroidery.

The little trailer is a memento of a picnic in Ohio that hubby and I both remember fondly; perfect for this month’s edition of my state ornament!
It’s all embroidery, no felt. The dangle is a map of Ohio.

I incorporated a hook on the back of the big trailer so the little one is removable.

And even made the backs nice.

If you want to 3D print your own trailer frames, I put them up on Thingiverse:


Oh my gosh. So fantastic!!!

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Love both of them and love the feeling behind them too

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I love this one! And i’m glad I’m not the only person who visits the thrift shop first, wherever I go! Who cares about the big fancy department stores when you can go thrifting? The big chains are the same wherever you go anyway.


You know what I like about the mall? It’s an air conditioned walking trail where you can reward yourself with Bourbon Chicken.


One of my favorite pastimes of late is to binge Schitts Creek. I have been watching and texting with my girlfriends. Anyhoo… this is one of the lines from David. Also, I love soft pretzels and eating them is another one of my favorite pastimes. :joy:


More praise for mall food!

Great stitchery.

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You know what I love about malls as a tourist? They usually have clean bathrooms! Clean bathrooms, a/c, cheap food and wifi. Great stop for a short break on a hot summer day.

I remember when my friend was 8 months pregnant in the middle of a heatwave. In my country, hardly anyone has a/c and the apartment she lived in was like 95-100 degrees (top floor under the flat roof). We spent days hanging out at the mall, buying food at the grocery store in the basement.


YESSSSS!!! Love it.

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And a camper. These are so fun and easy. We spent Saturday in the garden and all the sunshine keeps me thinking of camping, canoeing, and of course, lounging by a lake.


This is going to be such a treasured piece @marionberries :smiley:

We always go op shopping when on holidays @steiconi & @Immaculata … always on the hunt for a treasure!

@seeuudee I love your stitched panel, it’s going to be a beautiful cushion :heart_eyes:


Glad to be able to enter a little something again! It’s been a few months.

Growing plants, both indoors and outdoors, is one of my favourite pastimes. I stitched this one on a scrap of very light blue aida while attending a boring online course for work. It’s from the most recent issue of CrossStitcher magazine. The picture is not great, at this time of day it’s a bit difficult to take photographs indoors.


Ooo…I love that!

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That’s so pretty!

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So pretty, love that the plants are not just in pots :heart_eyes:

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