Stitch Along 2020-to the End of Time!

Just like in real life!

Seeds were a gift from work, they’re supposed to grow into edible flowers.


Now that is an unusual (and sort of scary) looking teapot! I does make a nice plant container! :slight_smile: Hope you have lovely flowers for looking at and eating!

Such lovely stitching this month!

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I love that so much :two_hearts:

It’s a modern interpretation of this classic wedding gift:

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I know everyone here can relate to this:

All those leftover pieces of embroidery thread from other projects…not enough to do an entire pattern, but too good to throw away…

I decided to periodically find patterns (this one was found free on the web!)that used a lot of little bits of thread. This was supposed to be for March, but I got too busy to finish it. Better late than never…all made with colors and pieces from my “leftovers” tin…which is why some of the colors seem to be variegated…some are three strands, some are two strands, and some are single strands…whatever worked…

I love this tiny snail!



It’s so pretty! The wee bugs, oh man gawd, I can’t stand it!

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Thanks…they were tiny! It is a six inch hoop…

It’s beautiful!

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I love it!!!

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What a charming vintage feel it has, like a stitch sampler from the '70s.


Where did you find the pattern for this? It really is so pretty and you know I have lots of thread ends :wink:

Free Floral Embroidery Pattern

I googled “floral embroidery patterns free” and this was the first one that came up for me…but there are literally hundreds of them! Some of the 3-D ones intrigue me…as long as you are ok with following your own color scheme and stitch patterns, you can use up a lot of thread ends! I combined several ends…yes, the back has a lot of knots! lol

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Oh my goodness! Everything is so wonderful! Loving all the flowers! That camper is adorable.

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I love the whole piece, but that little snail :heart_eyes:

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This is so cute! Well done my friend.


Just finished! I’d say hot off the hoop but it’s clearly still on…:laughing:

I love to read I’m my spare time (aiming for 50 books this year…currently reading #23) so when I saw this pattern from Particular Embroidery on Etsy, I knew I wanted to stitch it up. The chain stitch fill was especially fun.


Oh I love this so much :heart_eyes:

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So cute…it speaks to many of us with our love of reading! Love the cozy colors, too!

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I’m gonna have to come back and look, but boo, I’m gonna be late on April’s. :disappointed: