STS 2020 Discussion

Ok. Here is my long appreciation post.

I was feeling pretty low emotionally after the wildfires when I saw the post for this swap. I am so glad I decided to join. I had so much fun making stuff and I loved all my claims. I thought I would showcase them as it’s always fun to see where your stuff ends up.

I claimed a Capricorn pendant from @artsycandice (I loved your shop! I hope we both do this swap again).

I claimed 2 items from @calluna - her amazing winter bird tags:

My favorite are the Goodbye 2020 tags - they speak to me. I’ve already used 3 on bday gifts. I’m a bird nerd with an identifying app on my phone and a ton of outdoor feeders so I can name all those birds!

I also claimed her accordion book to showcase the pressed flowers from my garden. I haven’t actually done it yet, but wanted to show the potential:

You see calluna’s generous saint transfers and paper crafting freebies in the photos. I can’t wait for a rainy Sunday to do some paper crafting (well yes I can - but I know there are so many rainy Sundays in my near future.)

I claimed 2 items from @RagingSloth - which incidentally are both made for my wrist:

I love the Poppet pin cushion so much and it doesn’t scratch the crap out of my inner wrist like my old one that attached with Velcro. I also love my bracelet - it’s so pretty and well-crafted!

I scored 2 beautiful star stitch pouches from @Kwality570 (my best customer!). I put the larger one in my purse with gloves, hand sanitizer spray and a spare mask (note: mask made with one of the fat quarters claimed from @MissingWillow):

She included some beautiful hand-dyed yarn that I plan to make something awesome with. You are wonderful! I’m working on learning that star stitch, going slow right now, but I’m getting the hang of it. Keep having to frog though because the size is off. Sigh.

And I claimed an amazing embroidery from @kittykill that I hung above my desk at home where I currently work full time:

Note the amazing cemetery banner made by @bluebird who was my first ever swap partner in happy mail. :heart:

Thank you all so much. This was my 2nd swap ever and I had such a great time. Big thanks to @loves2experiment for organizing the swap, helping me through the process and keeping such great track of all the chaos. I really appreciate it. You did a great job!

5 stars! Will participate again!


What an awesome recap of all the fab crafted items you’ve snagged in this swap :smiley: Thanks so much for posting them…it’s lovely to see everything in their new home :slight_smile:


And as this swap is coming to an end, I wanna say a big THANK YOU to all you guys for making it super easy to run this swap. Yes, we have a lotta messages for claims/sends/receives but everyone was terrific about using the right subject line in messages, so that makes things less confusing :slight_smile:
With over 70 claims, there was not a single late swap package! How awesome is that? Everyone was great about communicating and there were so many fabulous crafted goodies in this round :slight_smile:

:clap: :clap: :clap: YOU GUYS ROCK!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

While it’s definitely too soon to start planning another round of the sts swap, most of the seasoned sts swappers know that we typically have 2 rounds of the sts swap in a year (one in fall, one in spring). Depending on how things work out with swaps on LC, we will probably have another round in late March/early April. So if you’re planning to squirrel crafts for the next round, there’s a time frame to work with :wink:


And @kittykill, thanks for the final claim from my shop!
I know I am totally lacking when it comes to taking pictures of my crafted items…but here’s another (perhaps better?) picture of the Ex Boyfriends Shawlette you claimed…hope it doesn’t disappoint! :slight_smile:


Ohhh! I am so glad I claimed it!

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I’m glad you like it, even though you didn’t really know what you were claiming :stuck_out_tongue:

I received @kittykill’s hoops today. I claimed two, the merpuppy and the bunny girl. When I showed my girls which two would be arriving they saw the happy cloud and wanted that one. I asked my youngest, Violet (who is six, Lily is eight) if she really liked the cloud more than the bunny girl. She said, “Yes! It has rainbow drops!” Even though I love the bunny girl I clearly under-estimated the importance of anything rainbow to a six-year-old. Pam was kind enough to make the last minute switch. They may have squealed when I showed them the hoops.


This totally made my day! :heart:


absolutely precious!

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I have one more share for you… They decided to draw self portraits with the embroidered characters. :heart:


Okay, this went from super cute to over-the-moon cute. It actually washed away the stress I had about the coming workday in a wave of feel-good brain chemicals. No joke, I feel lighter. The powers of art, craft, and swapping!


Oh my goodness. This puts the biggest smile on my face. I’m not crying! You’re crying!


That is so cute!!! GAH! I love that they’re little artists just like you. :heart:


you are raising some creative girls!
I love that you are passing on the love of crafting~
so glad you shared this photo!

We’re talking about the STS Spring Market 2021 :slight_smile:
Signups will start on Friday, April 16.
Stop by and say hi!

Edit: STS (Shop The Swap) Spring Market 2021 - S/U April 16-24


STS Fall Market 2021

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STS Spring Market 2022

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Should I make a STS 2022-23 Discussion thread?


Sure! Sounds like a good idea. :slight_smile:


News about the Spring 2023 STS being talked about here.

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