STS 2020 Discussion

Let’s chat about what’s in store for Shop The Swap (STS) :smiley:
This will be the very first round of STS in our new home!

Returning STSers, I’m so happy to see you guys! It has been too darn long!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
If you’re new to the swap, welcome to the madness :smiley:
Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about the swap, talk about what you’ll be offering in your shop, offer suggestions on what you’d like to see in shops, etc.

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Signups will run 09/22 (Tue) through 09/30 (Wed)
Set up your shop no later than 10/1 (Thu)
Claims accepted from when you’ve set up your shop through 10/22 (Thu)
Last call (over/under) from 10/23 (Fri) through 10/28 (Wed)

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If I’ve forgotten to include anyone who may have indicated an interest in the STS, my apologies!
And of course, no worries if you’re on the list and you can’t join us for the swap at this time :slight_smile:

Link to swap thread:
Shop The Swap (STS) 2020



What happens if I am away from my home base during the swap?
If you are traveling or otherwise unable to keep your shop open, you can close for a short period of time (a week or so). Please be sure to message your swap organizer so that everyone is in the loop.

Can I offer custom items in my shop?
Custom items can be offered, but they must be finished and sent in a timely manner (so keep this in mind and only offer custom items that you can finish quickly). When completed, custom items should be posted and reserved on hold for the person you made them for. The person can then submit a formal claim for the custom item.

Can I offer items that are not crafted by me?
A small amount of handcrafted items from other people may be offered in your shop, but the majority of the items should be made by you. Please be mindful of the potential of hurt feelings when selling items made for you in other swaps. Crafted items from others must be credited with the name of the creator or you will be requested to remove that item.

How do I price my items?
Charge what you think is fair for your crafted item! It might be worthwhile to take into consideration factors such as time invested, supply cost, popularity, etc.

How do I generate sales?
There are no guarantees that claims will be made from your shop. To make a sale you may need to adjust your prices, restock your shop with new crafted items/supplies, or run special promotions such as flash sales or weekend specials.

What should I offer in my shop?
Use the discussion thread for brainstorming any new items to offer in your shop! Or talk about what you can make to gauge interest from your fellow STSers. And if you’re in the market for something you’d like, go ahead and post your request in the discussion thread. Someone may be able to make it happen!

Can I put an item on hold if requested to do so?
Putting items on hold (for a short duration) in your shop is at your discretion. Only items that are currently listed in your shop can be put on hold. Holds should only be accepted when your shop is open. If a shop is closed and you are itching to claim something, please message the shop owner and ask that they let you know when they reopen so you can claim. Please do not ask people via private message to hold items for you until you can submit a proper claim; this is not an acceptable way around the “first properly formatted claim wins the item” rule.

My points/claims don’t match what I think they should.
Is something wrong?
If it has been awhile since you made the claim, or if the organizer admits to having been sloshed/sick/tired/attending to life in the real world since the points tally and/or claims list was last updated, go ahead and send her a message. If your claim is a few days old and has not shown up on the claims list, please send her a message to inquire about it. No worries, we’ll sort things out.

Do I have to list my claims (bought and sold items) in my shop?
Aren’t you keeping track of my points?
Yes! I am keeping track of your points, and in any disagreement, mine is the list that counts (just kidding, or am I…). Seriously though, it makes it easier to resolve any discrepancies if I can compare your list to what I have in my records. I do go through the shops on occasion to add up points and make sure we’re all on the same page.


So excited! This weekend needs to involve some serious sorting/pictures/possibly crafting!

Without grabbing the box down to look for sure, the majority of my shop is likely to be purses/bags, patchwork, or some combination of the two. Crumb quilting has been the most soothing activity for an anxious brain.

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Hello STS! Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to join, as I have literally nothing finished that I could offer. But with all the WIPs and supplies around here, who knows what could happen in the next week? I’ll see what I can do. :grin:


Can’t wait!

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I’ll need to start stock piling for the next round.

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Good to see some familiar faces :smiley:

I hope to spend part of this weekend working on stuff for my shop.

Remember, we only need 5 crafted items to get started! It is totally doable :wink: You can always add more items to your shop at a later time.

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And it really does work best with many participants. Everyone, get in on it if you can! If anyone hadn’t participated in the past because it seemed too big/confusing/intimidating to take on, it really is doable and fun, and everyone in it is helpful and friendly if you have questions! It’s also helpful knowing all your crafting is already done when you are participating (unless you’re like me and have no finished-project pile anymore).

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I have set aside some really nice fat quarters for this swap. I may also have Christmas yardage to offer. I have pottery buttons and will probably offer a few of my miniatures this round. Am also considering making some miniature resin jelly/honey jars to offer if there is any interest. I am interested in ‘purchasing’ things I can use in my 1:12 scale miniature scenes.


Do most people put up supplies or finished items?

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The STS shops are usually stocked with finished handcrafted items :slight_smile: Having said that, we do allow for a small number of craft-related supplies in the shops.

The “5 item to start” requirement is for handcrafted items. After meeting that requirement, feel free to include some craft supplies.

For example, my shop might showcase a scarf, earrings, tote bag, zipper pouches, and hand dyed yarn. And for good measure, I might also include some stash fabric and a marbling kit.



Very helpful! Although now I need to get crafting!

So I have some “medicine bag” type fiber craft necklaces, some of my resin stuff like earings and necklaces in fun weird shapes and styles… I could do some embossed/pierced cards? I dunno how interested anyone would be in that stuff? Also, how does this all work?


Tbh, just like a real craft fair you never know which crafted items will be hot sellers :slight_smile:

In past rounds I have claimed items that are obviously not my style but were perfect for someone on my Christmas list (oh yes, the holiday season is not too far away).

My recommendation is to make things you love. If you love what you made, chances are somebody else will love it too!

And I will brb to give you a condensed version of how the swap works. It’ll take me a few minutes to gather my thoughts :smiley:


STS (condensed version)

  • Each participant starts out with 3 “loaner” points in his/her bank. As the swap progresses, you earn points by selling items, and may spend whatever points you have on items you like. Note: You can’t have a negative number of points in your bank :wink:

  • As the shop owner, you decide on the pricing of items, take and post pictures of items you’re offering and get to answer any questions folks might have about your items. You will also have to mark items as sold (when they’ve been claimed), maintain a record of what you sell and keep a tally of what’s in your bank. When an item has been claimed, you will need to ship the item out within a week (ya know, good customer service and stuff).

  • As a shopper, you need to make sure your claims are in the correct form. Sometimes there may be more than one person interested in an item. The first correct (and valid claim) gets the item. You should also make sure you have enough points in your bank to claim the item and maintain a record of what you’ve bought.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell. Nothing to it!
I’m in the process of rehauling the swap details, etc. More information and specifics will be available when the swap is ready for signups. Meanwhile, if there are questions, ask away!


Question: Do you have to pay back the loaner points, so technically everyone should end with 3 points in their bank?


Yes, everyone will need to have 3 points in their bank at the end of the swap :slight_smile:

That is what last call (over/under) is for.
Shops with more than 3 points will spend their extra points by making claims from shops with less than 3 points.


Taking a break from crafting for this swap and thought it might be nice to post an example of a sts shop…hmm…brb :smiley:

The posted example is not representative of actual items I will have in my shop for this round :wink:


All Things Lettuce Craft Swap Shop
All items (excluding supplies) are handcrafted by me in a non-smoking, pet-free household

Knitting Sentiment Hoopla - 1 point
Stitched on linen fabric.

Cabled Hat - 1 point
100% wool, adult medium size, handwash only.

Candy Roving - 2 points
Hand dyed 4 oz merino/silk blend.

Shibori Fabric - 2 points
Hand dyed linen blend fabric, measures 26" x 12".

Hair Pretties - 1 point
Set of 5 clips, made with fabric covered buttons.
Handcrafted 5

Patchwork Drawstring Bag - 1 point
Made with 100% cotton fabrics, measures 8" x 8".
Choose from Left, Middle, or Right.

Kitchen Towel - 1 point
100 % cotton towels and cotton embellishments.
Choose from Dotty, Floral or Heart.

3 Fat Quarters - 1 point
All quilting quality cotton fabrics.

Japanese Craft Book - 1 point
All instructions in Japanese.

Vintage Buttons Lot - 1 point
Acrylic buttons from my personal stash.
Supplies 3

send by oct 02
loves2experiment to swapaholic - candy roving - (2)
send by oct 05
loves2experiment to LC4Life - patchwork drawstring bag middle - (1)
loves2experiment to LC4Life - patchwork drawstring bag right - (1)
loves2experiment to SwapWithMe - kitchen towel dotty - (1)
send by oct 08
loves2experiment to happyshopper - vintage button lot - (1)

send by sept 28
littleswapshop to loves2experiment - handmade greeting card kit - (1)
send by oct 01
MissCrafty to loves2experiment - alpaca handspun yarn - (2)
send by oct 05
alteredmommy to loves2experiment - faux encaustic mixed media 4" by 4" - (2)

current: 3
pending: 1
total: 4


I haven’t crafted anything specifically for the swap yet, but my mind is spinning with ideas. I’ll definitely be in once I get my 5 crafted items fresh for this round.