STS (Shop The Swap) Spring Market 2021 Discussion

Definitely the way to go to keep the swap more fun!
IMO, the more buying & selling going on, the more entertaining the swap is :slight_smile:
I remember as a newbie, it was hard to understand that it was ok to drop to zero multiple times during the swap, bec it will all work out at the end!
I like to mention it in case there are newbies this round that need to hear it~

I’ll be mailing out another claim tomorrow & plan to do some shopping then!


So pretty!

I wanted to show off the awesome collar I got from @tendstowardschaos:

It is so nice! That little pouch is so well made and perfect for poop bags. I attached it to my leash. Thank you!


You’re welcome! He looks so dapper in his new collar. What a cutie!


Ok, new shopping spree accomplished! :wink:


Thanks for the claims @saintcady!

So much good stuff to claim!

Pretty fabric from @MissingWillow and the ceramic goddess from @artsycandice!

I just stamped something with the floral stamp from @kittykill!

I’m excited for my other claims, and hope the ones I have sent out are loved, too!


I’m going to the PO later and would love to ship more! Dropped the price of everything in the shop, combined some art supplies, and added in a host of Halloween supplies.

:shamrock: :four_leaf_clover: JoyfulClover :four_leaf_clover: :shamrock:


woohoo! big mail day (actually they arrived yesterday)
@susieoregon sent a darling little lettuce ami
and @Lynx2Lancer sent fabulous bird note cards (bigger than I expected – so nice!)
THANK YOU both!!
going to send the appropriate PM’s now


You guys! A bunch of claims have been submitted this week :slight_smile: We’re all in the mood to shop! It is so fun to browse the shops and make claims.

I am still playing with my envelope maker (it has been way too long and I forgot how nifty it is!) and I have a mini stack of fabric pieces waiting by the sewing machine (somehow my sewing mojo has gone missing but I hope it returns soon…).

How is everyone doing this week?
And what are you guys working on?


My week started off with a baby squirrel in my office. On my desk…sitting on my keyboard. The next couple of hours were spent with me trying to coax him out. Finally my husband came and helped me get him back outside. The squirrel’s little chonky butt got stuck between a filing cabinet and the wall. My husband grabbed him and got him out the window.
After that, I tore one of my favorite dress.
I had a gross evaluation to do for work.
Which takes me to today…It is a good day! :rofl:

I am working on a bunch of swap stuff.

Aren’t you glad you asked me how the week has been?


Kittykill that is hilarious (but terrible about the fave dress)! We are dealing with a bee infestation in the house today. Not a swarm, just 10 or so. No clue. I just packed up a box for the miniatures swap. It’s kept me happily busy for the last week or so.

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Boo about the dress issue…maybe it is fixable with some creative stitching? And awww, baby squirrel!!!

Hopefully you have everything under control. Infestations of any sort sucks.

I had a mountain of paperwork to get through. Ugh. I’m done adulting today…the rest of the day will be spent doing creative things, or at the very least, I will raid my craft stashes for inspiration :slight_smile:

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A few years ago a squirrel ran inside the salon I was getting a pedicure in. It was 25 seconds of insanity where he ran a lap up and around the entire room and back out the door.

It always sad to see an animal so completely terrified and not knowing where to go. I’m glad you got him out safely.


This is what I always think. Always.

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You should see what people are allowed to do to wolves over here. It’s horrifying.

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I recently read about this. And similar allowances in Montana and Idaho. Disgusting.

Then again, the seal ‘hunt’ still happens. So. Here we are.

Sometimes I feel like we’ve made no progress.

Anyway. Don’t want to bring down the thread. But yeah.

Glad you could get the little furball back where he belongs. Squirrels are so cute.

I’m working on a few gifts…made a couple fabric bookmarks for my kiddo’s teachers, and trying to finish an amigurumi for my grandniece.

But, my fingers were itching to spin. So, I started on the yarn for my sweater project. I’m actually timing myself to get an idea of how much work goes into the project. :flushed:


This reminds me of the squirrel scene in Christmas Vacation.

Another week of the weirdest most exhausting school year ever. I’m so ready for this year to be over.

My husband has a favorite yard squirrel, or rather we have a yard squirrel that favorites my husband. There’s a cherry tree in our front yard that has this little stubby broken branch and a particular squirrel likes to find himself a snack then sit on that branch and stare at my husband while he eats. That’s it. But once or twice a day, the squirrel finds a snack and then watches my husband like a TV show while he eats. No idea why but he’s been at it for months now. :rofl:


wow! a week you won’t soon forget, that’s for sure!
I cannot get over the image of the squirrel on the keyboard!

I was totally mumbling to myself about having to go into the office and I look up and there he was, checking his email with his chonky tocks on my keyboard. Seriously, I would have been there for days trying to coax that little thing out with an apple and some peanut butter. He was so terrified. I saw him today outside my office window. I named him Littles. :rofl: