Suggestions for fabrics

I just got an email from asking if I would replace a curtain covering the cabinet under the sink in the cafe area.

I haven’t worked a cafe shift (cause it sucks) since 2015 but I recall the area being wet and splashy. Often having wet or dirty food and beverage tossed at or near the garbage can beside it. And it’s covering the chemical cupboard.

So I’m looking for suggestions for a water repellent, but washable heavy ish fabric to make a simple (super super simple) curtain.

Waxed canvas? Basic cotton twill? Other ideas?

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This one from spoonflower is pretty water friendly since it is all polyester → Spoonflower I have some stuff printed with it. a little stiff but still moves like canvas.

I think, if it needs to have water roll off, then waxed canvas or Cardura would be good too.

I was thinking an outdoor poly/poly blend would work.

And I’m not sure what Cardura is. And my Google search just gave me drugs. :wink:


Shop shower curtains, lots of choices. And most are polyester and would hold up under the wet conditions. Some are even anti mildew, which might be a good choice too.


Oilcloth, a plasticised fabric. Usually comes in cheerful prints, often used for wipe-clean tablecloths.
My Walmart used to have it, don’t know if they still do.

Sturdy and a little bit stiff.


:sweat_smile: uh this stuff!! Cordura - Wikipedia

If you want fabric suggestions I would look at outdoor or boat fabrics, but I think the idea to modify a shower curtain is probably even better.