@EclecticDreamer - during swaps, if you will be late, you must send the organizer an official PM (Personal Message). Posting on the thread does not count. Please send me and your partner an official message. Thanks!

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It is the 10th. My partner and I have both notified each other that we will be about a day late. I messaged you as well.

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Thank you, got the message. Your partner will still need to message separately.

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The ticket machine for queue numbers was broken at the store where I mail my packages. Normally they have different number systems for mail and kiosk/other. Luckily there weren’t too many people before me so old fashioned standing in line worked.

I’m glad I prepared everything but postage last night! There were two girls struggling with their customs form. It’s better to do thatpart at home I think.


I am so glad I sent already. Work is overwhelming right now, pfff but it is almost summerholiday.

I hope my package will arrive soon and that you are feeling better @Kwality570 :orange_heart: