Sweary Card for Laid-Off Friend (Profanity Ahead)

I put together this card for a dear friend who was laid off last week. I’m blurring the photo, because swears.

I don’t throw around a lot of f-bombs (out loud, at least), so I like to think the surprise of getting this from me will also cheer her up :laughing:.

Thanks for (effing) looking :wink:.


Perfect! Love it. I’m sure it definitely made your friend smile. :slight_smile:

No doubt this would cheer just about anyone up! F*#k that sh!t indeed!

Love it! (and I also rarely swear–outloud)

Very appropriate sentiment considering!

Love it!

Love it! The image, the sentiment, and the colorful paper.

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Bah ha ha! Even though I was expecting it, I still laughed out loud :laughing:
And also, masterboard? Yay!

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Well spotted! The colored paper is from a masterboard by @Reinikka.

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This card is (kisses fingertips) perfection.


I love it’s angry cheeky face. :0)

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How absolutely perfect. I LOVE that face.

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Hahaha! You’ll never catch me saying those words! Great to see how the masterboard is being used :wink: Thanks for the @ :grin:

Ha! I just noticed the thumbnail is not blurred out :smiley:

Love this!

I wondered about that. Mods, I can add a cropped photo if needed.

Thanks! I originally had a different composition in mind, but I came across the ostrich while digging through stash for the piece I thought I wanted and knew it was the way to go. And it’s way more my friend than the original idea would have been.


I love this so hard.


Absolutely adore the image you chose. The lines are clean, the message is direct, and the execution is flawless.

But this is a winner FO SHO.

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Love it! This card literally made me laugh out loud.

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