Tardis hoop

I made this hoop for @AIMR for the ongoing wish swap, She is a whovian too and so this was a lot of fun. I don’t have access to most of my fabric stash at the moment, but I did have this, it was a spoonflower print and I think it has a suitable timey wimey vibe.


That looks great! And wow that fabric.

Thank you so much for this spirit lifting hoop! It has been a rough few weeks, but when this arrived, I was immediately spirited away into fantasy and friendship land!

I thought the background fabric was fabulous…especially with the additional whirls!

I need to set up a special area just for all of my favorite fandom things! This will definitely be right up there!


That’s such a fun hoop!!!

What a fabulous TARDIS hoop! The background fabric is so wonderfully funky. I :blue_heart::blue_heart: it!

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That is so rad and the background is so AIMR!

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YEEEES! It’s incredibly timey-wimey! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Love the mix of applique and stitching.

This is so much fun and that fabric is definitely timey-wimey!

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That fabric seems like it is JUST RIGHT for this! I have yet to explore the Dr Whoniverse, but I have picked up enough to believe I’m correct. (for once)

So great!

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Timey wimey indeed!

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This is awesome! For someone with limited crafting access… dang, girl! :heart_eyes:

Perfect! As a fellow Whovian I wholeheartedly approve!

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