Thank You Notes

Last week, I received a free “thank you” die set with an order from Simon Says Stamp, so I decided to give it a try while using up some printed cardstock that I had around!

I have a stack of these envelopes that I picked up a couple years ago, so I cut the papers to fit them. It was a good way to use the border prints that often come with pads of printed cardstock, but that I don’t often have a craft for.


I was also able to use little scraps left over from bigger projects for the die cuts.



There are 11 and I don’t love all of them, but I don’t hate any of them. I think using foam dots to attach the sentiment would’ve added a nice dimension, but that kind of bumpiness also can add to postage.


These are so pretty! I love that the “thank you note” tradition is still alive.

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I keep some thank yous on hand, and even sometimes remember to send them!


Thanks, y’all! I really like writing thank you notes and do consistently. Since it is February, that means I’m not I’ve got about 10 months until I expect I’ll much call for them, though! :wink: I’ll just have to make up reasons.


Lovely! The tropical flower ones are my favorites!

Aw, thanks! Me, too. And interestingly, the border paper they’re made from was probably one of the least “usable” for me, otherwise. YEY!

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Double win!

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Awesome free new die, and good on you for finding a use for border printed papers. They came out great!

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I love the texture you got from combining the different papers!

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