The 1857 Bronze Napoleon 12pdr (cannon)

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But your neighbors treat you with more respect!


Whoa! This is crazy amazing!

You have completed some impressive projects over the years!! I can’t believe you built a full size replica of a cannon! I love that you used the original blueprints. That shows some real dedication.

I’m going to show this to Mr Imma when he gets home, he’s into history too. Together we maybe just about earned enough credits for an undergrad degree in history, but he’s much more into military history than I am. I bet he’s going to love it too. I know he would put this in front of our house in a heartbeat!




I guess if you have a hearse you need a way to fill it! Great work!



This is amazing!

I’m so glad you were finally able to blossom! It’s so important that we can pursue our interests and develop our skills. Even if they are “unusual” like building cannons. People are going to talk about you anyway so you may as well give them something really great to talk about!

LOL! My neighbors are used to me!

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I’m glad to hear you didn’t destroy this one for firewood! LOL! Very impressive.