The Antique Pattern Library for olde worlde patterns for almost anything you could think of!

Thought I would share a favourite place I visit for ideas, inspiration and patterns for making/ crafting.

[The Antique Pattern Library] has thousands of patterns from long ago, across countries, cultures and crafts freely available for download.

There are instructions on almost every craft, as well as beginner through to very advanced patterns to be found there.

For those who collect hooks and needles or have been the recipient of vintage sets, there’s even a list of Conversion List for Vintage Hooks and Needles to Modern Sizes


Cool, thanks!

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What a fun resource, thank you for sharing! I’m really enjoying looking through the quilting section! I love this paragraph from a 1942 quilting magazine,

“Although our progress in every field is a source of pride to us, it is the American way to keep the good things of the past. No matter how our modes of living have changed, the desire of women to create beautiful things for their homes with their own hands is as constant today as in our great grandmother’s era.”

I could easily see those exact words being written in one of my magazines today!


I am so very pleased that others are finding some joy in looking through these pages!
@AudiobookLover The magazines are so informative in so many ways, it’s a delight to go through seeing the way people lived from so long ago, and from many different countries too.

The efforts women put in to beautify their surroundings is astounding, and still we continue to do it!
I can spend hours there learning so many new and different thing, then of course, there’s the nostalgia when seeing patterns and books from years gone by that were actually held in my hands and worked from!

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What an amazing resource! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this!

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