The Floofy Throw Pillow

Finally finished my niece’s Christmas present. She’s allergic to cats, so I had to go a little farther with this than my pains would have liked, heh.

I knitted til 30 stitches around, ran another color bulky yarn through each stitch. Then safety pinned as much as possible up, along with enough yarn to finish the knitting.

Then I ran it in the dryer with a lint sheet, then washed it in ice cold water. I have a room dedicated to being kept clean, so hung it up in there (mental note to self, get my pan out of there, O_o. Needed it to drip into rather than the floor). Left a heater on for half the day yesterday, and popped it in the dryer twice.

Then I ever so bloooooody sloooooooooooowly, picked up each stitch onto my DPNs, and finished knitting it after stuffing. Used a whole bag of stuffing, too, O_o.


Looks so fuzzy and cozy! Makes me think of that Hygge concept. Well done!

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Fun! It reminds me of a large tribble.


SO FLOOFY! It’s going to be a hit.

What a labor of love!

This is so awesome!!!

This is such a labor of love, it’s great. It also looks incredibly snuggly and is asking to be napped with.