The Flora and Fauna Sorbetto!

I finally figured out how to do an FBA so I made something I will actually wear out!

Close up of the neckline

Where I used hot pink thread to match some of the deer.

Made with Colette Patterns Sorbetto, and some awesome fabric I bought in Nippori, Tokyo.

Here’s a better shot of the fabric

Thanks to the Lettuce Crafters who helped me fumble with the FBA in another thread!
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Love your shirt! That fabric is really wonderful.

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I love the addition of the hot pink thread!

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Lovely I made it also.

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Well done, it looks great! I love the pink top stitching, lovely contrast!

I did my first FBA recently too, and even though mine was on a knit item (so it defo didn’t matter quite so much if I mucked it up!) it confused me so much it made me bl**dy cry in frustration!!! I’m glad I did it now tho, it defo makes more sense having now done a couple, so I might try it on woven next if I’m feeling daring :wink:

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That looks fab! Very pro & the fabric is a delight.

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