The Furb Came Back

I made an assemblage art piece. Lmao. You will be seeing a theme sometime soon.

Lol thanks for looking.


Love the colors, but I don’t know what a furb is, so I bet I’m missing something.

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Love those colors!

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Looks great!

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Lol its Furby!

Thank you!

Thanks!! <3

Oh. I must have missed that one. :wink:

I see why it’s in the attic.

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Like you didn’t know about furby or you just didn’t understand? I’m surprised if you didn’t know about furby! It was all the rage in 1998. Lol. I was afraid of mine. A lot of people were. Lmao. It’s become a meme.

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I was a childless adult in 1998. If I heard of them then, they didn’t make a lasting impression.

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Makes sense! Here’s a pic of an original 1998 furby:

Are they based on/inspired by the movie Gremlins?

Or are they related to naugas?
You know, where they get Naugahide?

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They are pretty much based off Gremlins, I believe. They’re electronic and can learn how to speak and stuff. The biggest problem is they would wake up in the middle of the night and share the shit out of ya

I love thissss, you are amazing!

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Heehehehe thank you! I knew you probably would! Lol!

Congratulations, your Furb assemblage is a featured project for this week!

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Yaay! Thank you!

I love this. I had a Furby, but it just always sounded like it was burping. I worked at a toy store when they came out. Everybody wanted one.

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Lol burping?