~The Ghost~

So, last year I got a pretty bad fever. Being bored, sick and somewhat delirious, I created a new OC (Orginal Character). I based his colorings off of one of my oldest plushies, Ghost.

The cat was my companion during my fever so I used him as inspiration for my weirdest character yet- I’ve been drawing him for a year now, never really changing him (unlike most of my characters)
Screenshot 2020-08-30 at 8.15.14 PM This was mostly a doodle I did a few nights ago to test my new technique for creating a glowing look. Only later did I realize that I forgot to add some minor features of the character-


He turned out really cool looking and great job on the glowing look too! :blush:

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Cool! I love his ghost eye :eye:

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Very cool!!

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I love black and white kitties!

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@bluebird @Bunny1kenobi @PrincessP @gozer Thank you guys!

Your cat character has a lot of personality! The glowing effect is really clever :smile_cat: