The Holy Family

In a couple of weeks, I’m doing a craft fair at a local church. Part of the entry fee is a piece of your handwork for a silent auction. After giving it some thought, I went with an embroidery of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. I wanted my piece to be different than any of the other submissions.

This is a 12" hoop. I used crayon tinting and stitched the outlines. (I love the swirlies in the pattern!) I have to submit my work by Friday. :smile:


Beautiful job! I love this!!

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So pretty and modern-looking! Love it!

Hope the event goes well for you and for the church.


pretty! I like the swirlies as well


Very pretty and I am sure it will be a hit. Lovely colors and stitches.

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Simple, yet beautiful!

It’s really lovely! I always like the look of crayon tinting and embroidery together. It looks fresh, simple and modern.

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I like the combination as well. :smile:

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The swirls are lovely and you chose a really nice color palette.

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