The Jolly Nagus

I was bored so I thought I would try drawing the Grand Nagus from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I was kinda going for a Buddha vibe. I’m happy with it. Watercolor and crayon on 4x6 watercolor postcard.


Great job!

“I’m old. The fire dims. I’m just not as greedy as I used to be”


Great work! Zek probably was about as close to a Buddha as any Ferenghi ever got by the end of his time as Grand Negus, right? :rofl:


I knew exactly who this was when i sae the title!! I’m on my nth re-watch of DS9 now!

I just love your work. “I was bored so I made an amazing thing” ha! And if you ever feel inspired to draw Nog…I’m on the lookout!

Edit: Live. Laugh. Latinum. This is the best version!

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I can hear him saying this now!

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That cracked me up! :joy: Well done art, and also ridiculously clever. I agree; this is now the definitive version.

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Love your style. I think the picture of it with the reference shot, before you finished the eyes, looks like he is laughing!

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I was attempting that. I kinda regret the filled in eyes, but I also kinda like it too. Oh, the eyes are metallic gold and the whites of his eyes are shimmery white. You can see it IRL.


The colors turned out well, I like the wrinkliness, and those ear tufties!
The Live Laugh Latinum is hilarious.