"The Orange" Painting

I made this 5x7 painting based on the poem “The Orange” by Wendy Cope. It’s a wonderful, upbeat poem that I love. I think the painting will look great hung up in my first apartment once I move in next week.


What a great sentiment. I’m going to look up that poem.

What a lovely message and such a cheery painting! A great way to start off in your first place!

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I heard someone on tik tok read that poem and the joy it brought to me was immeasurable. Love your painting, it evoked the same emotion

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I love your orange :slight_smile: I’m going to look up that poem :hugs:

I think I need to read this poem, too! And I think your orange looks great!

:rainbow: Hot diggity dog! Your project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :dog2:

Nice work! so vibrant and uplifting! I hope you’re very happy in your first apartment :grinning:

I looked up the poem. I love it! At first glance, before reading your post, I thought this was about angiosperms in general. Because technically there’s no reason for them to exist. There was no niche needing to be filled evolutionarily speaking, yet angiosperms and bees seemed to evolve at the same time. I find angiosperms to be highly fascinating. :blush:

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It’s so cheerful!

Lovely…I hope you found the perfect spot for it in your apartment :slight_smile: