Thranduil's circlet - how to draw pattern?

Hi all! So I am going to create Thranduil’s circlet. I’m stuck. First, I tried with metal wire but that did not give the look I’m after. Now I’m trying with a glue gun, so I am to trace the pattern of the circlet on waxed paper and apply hot glue on the lines. How do I draw something stretched out on paper, that is supposed to be curved to fit on a head? Esp with that many details. I have tried to find a ready-made pattern on google but no luck. Any ideas? Or are there any other simpler and affordable options for creating the circlet? Thanks!
Photo of the circlet:


Draw half on a piece of folded paper, then trace the other side after opening so it’s even. Then trace onto the butcher paper (or whatever you’re going to use as a heat resist).

It looks higher in the front than back, so it should work out fine when it’s bent around the head. But if not, you’ll be able to made the incremental mods needed once you have a prototype.

Good luck!

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Thank you!
But how do I draw the transitioning between the sides and back & front?
I have found 3D model images on side and back:

But I have no idea how to draw the transition between these two pieces on paper.

I saw someone drawing the piece:
But I really don’t get it. I have no clue what so ever how to do that myself. To get it flat out like that.

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Start at the front instead, and join in the back where you can hide the ‘weld’ points better. And you’ll be able to adjust the fit.

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I have started drawing at the front, but it’s the same problems at the front. No idea how to join the corners. The transitions between front and side piece with side to back piece :confused:

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So I think drawing it out will take some work but if you start at the front and then just keep flipping between views to get the sides matching that should work. I am bad at proportions so it would take some work for me to figure it out. But I think with enough images to work from you can do it. You might need to make it in two or three parts and then hot glue those parts together as well.


@steiconi is the resident hot glue expert, & also otherwise technical genius… maybe she’d have thoughts on this…


Actually, I don’t like hot glue for most applications, but it works great to 3D “print” something like this.
Thanks for tagging me, I LOVE problem-solving!

I would start by drawing the shape of the circlet. I think it would look like this:

Make your best guess, cut it out of paper, and adjust the size and shape to fit your head.
Once you’re happy, draw in the details.
I prefer parchment paper to waxed paper, and you can draw the design directly on the back of the paper, so the pattern doesn’t shift. Sharpies work well on the BACK of the paper; if used on the front, sharpie ink will transfer to the hot glue.

You might want to create the elements separately, then assemble. That way, you don’t spoil the whole thing with a mistake.

You might consider mixed media; some parts are so fine and delicate that wire would be a better choice. Some pieces are large enough that you could cut them from leather or felt or a deli container, then put hot glue on top.

Rustoleum 2X is my favorite spray paint. It has primer, so it sticks to practically everything, including plastic and hot glue.

good luck!


Thank you everyone and thank you steiconi for detailing the process a bit for me. I easily get overwhelmed when I am to do something and it’s easier when something is broken down into chunks. But I am not always able to do see the chunks myself.

I will try to draw myself even though I am not the best drawer. Thank you! <3