Thread Bear

This is my Thread Bear. She is part of a year long project that our Needlecraft Guild started two years ago to make and equip a sewing caddy. I got to the point where I was struggling with how to assemble the actual caddy so I started this little thread catcher bear as a side distraction.

The design went through quite a few iterations before I got something that worked.
The first pattern I tried was but it wasn’t any use for what I wanted so I ended up making my own pattern.

The paws have tiny magnets inside to hold the bag closed. Where I live we can’t buy such tiny magnets, however my son showed me that the earphones that you get given on aeroplanes contain small magnets. You have to crack them open with pliers and a screwdriver to get at them but it is quite worth it (including occasionally stabbing myself in the thumb :slight_smile: British Airways and Air Astana in particular have very small ones about 4 mm diameter.

She also has an embroidered tummy, just because.


This is darling!! What a clever little bear…a helper bear! Love the color and the bright embroidery as well!

Your Thread Bear is just adorable! She is so detailed and precise… a very good companion for needleworking!

I wish I had thought about the magnets inside earbuds… since TheMisterT has been working from home, I have worn out a few pairs and tossed them out. Now I know I can harvest the magnets first!

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Thank you. Yes I also feel so guilty about those cheap ear buds I have thrown away when they stopped working. Anyway it will never happen again

Oh my gosh that’s so adorable!! :heart_eyes:

This is amazing, clever, useful and adorable! Most projects are at least one or two of those, but this is all four. I love the little hidden embroidery you added as a finishing touch.

This is just the sweetest.

So pretty. I love the tummy. :heart:

I didn’t know that about the earbuds magnets either! Your thread bear is really cute. The embroidery is just so sweet. Thanks for sharing her!

As someone who is currently looking at a pile of yarn ends, and also piles my thread ends next to my machine, and then inevitably knocks them on the floor, this is a brilliant, and adorable solution. The use of the magnets to keep it closed is not only an ingenious idea, it also ups the cuteness factor! The embroidered flowers are the perfect finishing touch, too. I simply love this!

Thank you all. She is also kind enough to hold a needle occasionally. :slightly_smiling_face:


She is so cute! I want to snuggle her up, when she doesn’t have that needle. Ha! I love her face. She really is a cutie. Fantastic and fun idea. I bet she is a real inspiration.

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What an adorable solution!

Congratulations! This has been selected as one of this week’s Featured Projects.

Thank you. So glad you like her

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That is so awesome! Love the tummy :heart:

Your bear is so sweet! Lovely work!!