Tiki Swizzle Stick Jewelry

I recently finished some tiki swizzle stick jewelry pieces for a charity auction. I’m kind of sad to give them away, but hopefully they raise some $$$.

With some of my previous prototypes, there have been issues with the jump rings opening up, and the charms potentially being lost. What are the sturdiest yet thin jump rings? I can sometimes only make the holes so big. This round, I use jump rings for chainmail, but they are tough to open.


These are cool- I especially like the blue earrings!

I don’t know if this will help… I often prefer oval jump rings, like this:

The join is on the side, and the charm and whatever it’s attached to will automatically gravitate to the narrow ends of the oval, away from the join. It decreases the odds of your charm falling off.

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Wow, love them!
You might consider wire wrapping; it’s sturdy and adapts to any size hole.


Super Fun!!

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The bracelets are so much fun. What a great idea.

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This are so fun! I hope they earn well for your fundraiser.

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These are my all time favorite jump rings. They are strong enough to hold onto charms on the charm bracelets I make, and I’ve never had anyone tell me they’ve ever lost a charm. But they aren’t hard to open or close, and they have a pretty clean edge. No burrs, or at least not many with burrs in a pack. 2-3 maybe?

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Congrats! Your Tiki Swizzle Stick Jewelry is one of this week’s featured projects. Way to go!

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They are cool!
I hope they raise a lot of money for that charity.
I was going to suggest oval jump rings, like Bunny1kenobi.

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Thanks everyone! They’ll be up for auction at Ohana Luau by the Lake next month. Proceeds go to The Easter Island Foundation.

I don’t mean to imply any lack of knowledge, but I wanted to mention just in case to be sure you are opening and closing the jump rings properly. It’s a opposite direction twist rather than a pull. If you pull, it can make it hard to get it to close and line up properly.

Tutorial: How to Open and Close a Jump Ring — Beadaholique

Again, I’m sorry if you already know this. I just figured it wouldn’t hurt to mention it just in case since how you open them really makes a big difference in their usefulness.

That said, I quite love these from Rockin Beads because they’re a good balance between sturdy but not so thick they’re impractical: 400 Jump Rings Silver-plated Brass 7mm Round 18 Gauge Open 5mm Inside

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I do the twist - but I’m still a jewelry making novice. My main crafts are knitting / crochet, but I have a new appreciation for those that can readily open and close jumps rings. Most of my findings have come from the big box craft stores, and I have no idea if any of that stuff is quality.

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