Tim Burton inspired subtle Halloween wreath

This turned out to be more subtle of a Halloween wreath, but I still like it. I am replacing all my old wreaths and made a Beetlejuice/Nightmare Before Christmas inspired wreath for October.

The roses were made from my last skein of Vickie Howell’s Sheepish yarn. Does anybody remember that? I have been good about my yarn hoard. It has to fit in this:

But it always made the cut because I loved that purple color so much. I’m glad I kept it.

I’m starting a new one for spring today! I get so fixated on things.


I love it!

What a great Halloween wreath! I love the Tim-Burton-esque stripes, and those luscious purple flowers. Too cool!

Edited to add: I admire your self-restraint with your yarn stash!

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Total Beetlejuice vibe, perfect for Halloween!

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I made a hard decision 2 years ago to have an actual guest room instead of a disorganized spare room full of unfulfilled ideas. There are pros and cons to both. I still have lots of storage for crafting, but I try to be more thoughtful about my purchases.

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How fun is this? TONS O’ FUN, that’s how much!

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Definitely thought sand worm when I saw this! I love it. Great end result.

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This is so great!

I love these color choices! And the subtlety of it!

This is fantastic. The subtlety is what makes it so perfect. Well done!

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The white knitted decorations… Are those bones?
Very cool.

I agree! It’s a skinned sandworm!

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They are actually the leaves. I did half the roses with white leaves and half with black to break up the purple a little.

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